Gears 5: 14 Minutes of Escape Mode Gameplay

gears 5 escape mode gameplay

Following the announcement of its official release date at the Xbox E3 Press Conference. The Coalition, the team behind Gears 5, has revealed gameplay for one of the franchise's newest game modes, Escape. The new wave-based mode shows similarities to the classic horde mode that fans have grown fond of in the past, with a few added twists in order to help make it feel fresh.

In the gameplay video, the player begins deep inside an infested hive, and plants a toxic venom before trying to make their escape, hence the mode's branding. Escape Mode is played in groups of three, and presents a similar style of wave-based enemies just as Horde mode has done in the past. Aside from the gameplay reveal, its been confirmed there will some form of an editor tool to come for Escape mode that would allow players to upload their own levels for others to play, and vice-versa.

While there weren't many more details surrounding Gears 5 aside from its release date and new mode, it was revealed the game's pre-order bonus will be bringing The Terminator into Gears 5 as a playable character. Other new additions to Gears 5 include a brand new competitive mode, called Arcade, which will be playable first during the game's versus multiplayer test coming next month. The following month will also allow players to test out the new changes coming to Horde mode, which, as mentioned earlier, is one of the key influences for the new Escape Mode.

There was much more announced today during Xbox's E3 Press Conference outside of Gears 5. It was learned that Halo Infinite will release as a launch title for the company's next console, which is still working under the name Project Scarlett. More details of Project Scarlett's specs were discussed as well, offering features such as the potential for 8K resolution and 120 frames per second, but fans will have to wait longer to learn more about what the next-gen console will offer.

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Gears 5 releases on September 10th on Xbox One.

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