Gears 5 Adds New Escape Hive With Deadly Enemy

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Gears 5 just launched last week, but The Coalition has already been supporting the game with free post-launch content. This has included a new Marcus Fenix skin that lets players play as WWE's Batista, and it has also included a brand new Hive for players to master in Gears 5's Escape Mode. However, this Hive is sure to put up a challenge, as it's crawling with one of the game's deadliest enemies.

The new Gears 5 Hive is called The Hunters, and it's filled with Sires. For those who haven't played Gears 5, Sires are an enemy type that will smack players to stun them, grab them, and start dragging them away from their teammates. While this is going on, a meter is filling up, and if that meter manages to get completely full, the Sires will kill the player. This forces teammates to leave potentially strong defensive positions to chase after the Sires and save their partner.

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Sires in Escape Mode add a whole new layer of danger, however. That's because Escape Mode sees a toxic gas chasing the players, forcing them to make a mad dash for the exit. Sires will drag players into the gas, which could potentially end their Escape run rather early.

This new Escape Hive should prove especially challenging for Gears 5 fans, but some may be more concerned about new content for the game's other modes. As we pointed out in our Gears 5 review, Escape isn't exactly the strongest mode, and is easily out-shined by Versus and Horde.

Luckily, Gears 5 fans who are more interested in Versus and Horde should rest easy knowing that more content for those modes is on the way. We know that The Coalition has DLC maps in the works - which will be added for free - not to mention a selection of new characters as well. These characters will have their own unique stats and Ultimate abilities that will potentially shake up the Horde meta, and so it will be interesting to see what the Gears 5's future DLC characters bring to the table.

In the meantime, Gears 5 fans can check out the new Escape Hive and see if they can conquer it.

Gears 5 is out now for PC and Xbox One.

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