Gears 5 Gifting Players As Apology for Early Access Issues

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Even though today marks the official launch day for Gears 5, Ultimate Edition and Ultimate Game Pass users have been chainsawing each other for the past few days in early access. While the game has been widely praised by both critics and fans, the experience hasn't always been smooth. Over the first 24-48 hours, players have experienced more than a few problems ranging from server disconnects, errors, and odd glitches related to campaign collectibles. The Coalition has largely fixed most of the issues, the studio is offering a token of appreciation for those that hung in there.

Taking to Twitter, The Coalition posted an update regarding the issues experienced by early access players. To thank players for their patience and support during the various issues that appeared in Gears 5 over the weekend, the studio is rolling out a few rewards. Over the next 48 hours, players who logged in over the weekend during the Early Access are getting a five Day progression booster as well as 600 scrap.

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With Gears 5, previous microtransactions like season passes and gear packs have been scrapped and replaced by what the studio believes is a simpler system. Boost is an in-game item that players can purchase to double all XP earned for a set amount of real life time. Scrap, while similar to the premium currency called Iron, is the resource that can be used to craft supply items players don't have or upgrade certain character skills. Alongside the 600 gifted to early access players, scrap is earned from duplicate items inside of an unlocked supply drop.

With the influx of new players today, hopefully the recent wave of server and online issues won't crop up again. Gears 5 features a wealth of content for players to dig into, much of which is online enabled. Launch day is only the start of things however as The Coalition plans to continue adding new content each quarter called Operations. New content can be unlocked for free by completing new Tour of Duty challenges each day, something that will be impossible if players get knocked offline.

Gears 5 is available now on PC and Xbox One.

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