Gears 5 Missing Collectibles Glitch Addressed by Developer

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Although Gears 5 players were plagued with connection and server issues on the Early Access launch day, Microsoft and developer The Coalition say that they have worked most of those problems out. However, players are reporting that other issues may have come about because of those connection problems, specifically a loss of progress tracking with the campaign and collectibles.

Earlier today, the Gears 5 Twitter account revealed that it had launched several fixes meant to make the online co-op experience in the game better. Previously, players would disconnect from campaign playthroughs without any rhyme or reason and need to rejoin. Game Rant even experienced one of these disconnects during its own co-op playthrough, but we have yet to test whether the issue is fixed.

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In the responses to the Tweet about the fixes, many players noted a loss in their progress with collectibles. Some claim that they are missing collectibles from full Gears 5 chapters and acts, despite a belief that they at least picked up a few.

This isn’t the first that Gears 5 developer The Coalition has heard about the problems with collectibles; players were reporting issues even as Xbox Live was down during the Gears 5 early launch. However, most prioritized the server stability over getting progress on their collectible collections.

But now that those issues have been fixed, The Coalition is turning its focus elsewhere and thus far it doesn’t seem like anything has changed. A follow-up Tweet claims that a fix will be deployed, which suggests that players will simply get credit for their found collectibles without going back through the 10-hour Gears 5 campaign, but that isn’t officially confirmed.

What’s most frustrating for these players is that many of them paid extra for the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition and the promise of early access. But instead, this experience is being seen as some form of server test, where Microsoft can work out all of the game’s connection-based bugs before the rest of the Xbox and PC population get their hands on the game next week.

It’s impossible to add extra time to the early access period, so hopefully, The Coalition has a nice compensation gift planned for those that struggled to play on early access day 1. Maybe some cosmetics to honor their contribution to the efforts to make sure Gears 5 attained server stability in time for its official release date.

Gears 5 is available now for Ultimate Edition and Game Pass Ultimate owners. The game officially releases on September 10, 2019 for PC and Xbox One.

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