Gears 5: How to Chainsaw Enemies

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Gears 5's lancer weapon is perhaps the most iconic aspect of the series after Marcus Fenix and has always been a fan-favorite due to the way that it doubles as a melee chainsaw weapon. Knowing this, The Coalition wasn't going to simply remove this detail from the game, but it did make some changes that can be slightly more confusing. These changes are easy to miss, though, especially for those who skip Gears 5's bootcamp.

First off, it's worth mentioning that in prior games, the chainsaw was activated by using the B button, yet this always made it somewhat harder. Players had to remove their right thumb from the analog stick to do this method, meaning they already needed to have line of sight on the target or they'd probably miss. So, it was changed in Gears 5 to better accommodate the player.

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How to Chainsaw Enemies in Gears 5

For Gears 5, the button to chainsaw the enemy has been changed to the RB button to allow for more mobility in selecting targets. Whether in the campaign or a different mode playing as Batista, Terminator, or the Halo characters, players will just need to hold RB down as they approach their intended enemy. It's a simple enough change, and when in a chainsaw duel, players will tap RB in order to win. However, this new change does have its downside.

The RB button doubles as the reload button in Gears 5, meaning if players do not do it just right, they can reload when they intend to chainsaw. Reloading is done by briefly tapping the button, but it seems likely that players will occasionally do one when they intend to do the other. Being in melee range with the intent to a chainsaw, but accidentally having to go through the reload process could result in some cheap deaths.

While this new approach isn't perfect, there's a good chance players can adapt after a while, and the exchange for mobility will definitely make it easier to do. With how long it takes to beat Gears 5, players can expect plenty of chances to chainsaw enemies once they've got a hold on how it's done.

Gears 5 launches on PC and Xbox One on September 10, 2019.

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