Gears 5: 10 Of The Best Weapons In The Game, Ranked

Gears 5 has brought back many classic weapons from the series, while introducing a few new ones. As expected, then, players have been running the numbers on the new arsenal in both PVP and story mode to determine which are the most powerful weapons to wield. After all, you want to be the deadliest warrior on the battlefield, don't you?

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As with any shooter, the weapon you use for any given situation will depend on your needs at the time. Trying to take down an enemy at long range with a shotgun, for instance, is a bad idea. Without further ado, then, here are some of the greatest weapons in Gears 5, rated from best to worst according to their power and utility.

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10 Torque Bow

The Torque Bow is a favorite among fans, and for good reason. A well-placed headshot (sometimes even body shot) is enough to take down many enemies. It does require some charge time and you will alert enemies to your presence when the weapon starts winding up, though, so be aware of that.

There are few feelings more enjoyable in this game then hearing the sound of a bolt from the Torque Bow sticking and obliterating your enemies. It’s great at mid-to-long range and very effective in the hands of those who learn to use it well.

9 Talon Autopistol

The Talon Autopistol may be a pistol, but it would be very dangerous to underestimate it. With its blistering rate of fire, this pistol will take down enemies at close range very quickly. An individual shot may not do much damage, but firing at full auto makes the damage per shot largely irrelevant.

The downsides are that you will burn through ammo pretty quickly and the recoil is nasty. This is a weapon for emergency encounters in close quarters when your shotgun or assault rifle has run out of bullets. Have this in your holster, yes (no other pistol compares), but use it as more of a last resort or when you want to conserve ammo.

8 Overkill

This aptly named weapon is ridiculous. The Overkill shotgun packs a punch that’ll put holes in your enemies at close range. This weapon is highly recommended for players who are new to shooters, or for those who tend to get startled. Just aim in the general direction of the enemy and start spraying: the threat will drop pretty quickly.

The reason it doesn’t rank higher is because it doesn’t hold a lot of ammo, meaning you will run out quickly. When you do have the ammo it’s an absolute blast, but it’s always a short-lived thrill.

7 Hammerburst

This assault rifle hammers the enemy with high damage shots in burst fire. This weapon is very accurate at mid-range and can do very well at either long or close range too. If the damage and accuracy were just a little higher it would easily be in the top five, but it’s a solid and versatile weapon to have.

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Because of the burst fire and reload rate, it’s highly recommended you go for headshots or other weak points. It’ll do some decent damage with body shots, but you’ll get the most out of it by using its high accuracy for headshots.

6 Mulcher

The Mulcher is a small version of the Chain Gun, and the greater mobility it affords makes it a deadly weapon on the battlefield. In single-player, you’ll learn why the call it the Mulcher, as your enemies will turn to soup before they hit the ground. In multiplayer, this is a great weapon for causing chaos through covering fire. You can mow down any foe who takes too long to take cover.

The only reason this doesn’t rank higher is that you are very much exposed while using this weapon. Because it sits low while firing, your head and a portion of your torso are completely exposed.

5 Boomshot Grenade Launcher

For raw firepower, the Boomshot Grenade Launcher is hard to beat. This monster will lob grenades at your enemies for one-hit kills, and you’ll giggle as you watch a squad fly apart after the smaller grenades detonate in their midst.

You absolutely do not want to fire this thing in close quarters, as the initial blast is rather deadly and the little bombs that it spawns in a wider circle can take you by surprise. It takes some getting used to in order to be accurate with, but once you have it down it’s very useful and a lot of fun.

4 Salvo Rocket Launcher

As beastly as the Boomshot Grenade Launcher is, the Salvo Rocket Launcher takes the cake. This weapon fires multiple rockets that spin around each other towards the enemy. It’s not uncommon to take out a target and have the remaining rockets take out someone behind them too.

As long as you’re fairly accurate firing this weapon (which is easier than with the Boomshot), most enemies will crumble. Even though it sits at number four, you’ll want this for most boss fights or spongy targets. It could very well become a permanent addition to your arsenal.

3 Longshot Sniper Rifle

The Longshot Sniper Rifle is unique compared to the other sniper rifles in the game: it’s actually a decent weapon in mid-range fights without a scope. At long range, of course, it truly shines, being able to pop enemies with accurate headshots before they even know you’re there. In a pinch, though, it can be used to take down closer targets.

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It’s not as versatile as our number one weapon, but you could do a lot worse. This is definitely the weapon you want to have for long-range (and emergency close-range) situations.

2 Gnasher Shotgun

The Gnasher Shotgun is at the opposite end of the spectrum to the Longshot Sniper Rifle. This is easily the best weapon to have at close range and your enemies are toast in corridors. There’s a reason this weapon has often been in the upper tiers of weapons throughout the series.

It’ll one-shot enemies in close range and do some decent damage at mid. The accuracy and spread is also fairly impressive, making it a useful weapon to have while running and gunning. Having this in conjunction with the Longshot Sniper Rifle makes you dangerous at any range.

1 Lancer Assault Rifle

The Lancer Assault Rifle is a beast at mid-range and is great at getting long range pop shots or spraying enemies at close quarters. If you could only pick one weapon to go into battle with, this would be the one you want.

It also has the added bonus of the attached chainsaw, for saving ammo in close quarters. This iconic weapon has been a staple of the franchise since its inception, and for good reason: you want this on you when the bullets start flying.

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