While developer Gearbox Software seemingly has a full plate what with the Vita version of Borderlands 2 and Telltale Games’ Tales from the Borderlands in the pipeline, both of those titles aren’t actually Gearbox creations. The Vita port is being handled by a completely different studio, albeit under Gearbox’s watch, and Tales from the Borderlands, as was mentioned, is a Telltale creation.

So, assuming Gearbox is done with Borderlands 2 DLC expansions, that leaves fans to wonder what the developer actually has planned for the future. Lucky for them, CEO Randy Pitchford was kind enough to confirm that, yes, Gearbox Software is working on a new project, and more news regarding said game should arrive this year.

When asked whether Gearbox might deliver an Xbox One game some time in the future, Pitchford replied that his team is “working on next-gen,” but he wouldn’t cite any specific platforms. He also revealed that Gearbox will “probably announce something later this week.”

Obviously, with it being April Fools it seemed like Pitchford was pulling a fast one over on fans with a very non-committal answer, but it sounds like the news is legitimate. Unfortunately, that’s all we’re getting out of Pitchford at this point, before the inevitable announcement later this year.

What we do know is that Gearbox is not working on Borderlands 3, they said as much last year, but that doesn’t completely rule out Borderlands as a possibility. Rather, it’s entirely possible that the next time Gearbox visits the property it will be in the form of an MMO. After all, the franchise has been moving in that direction since the very beginning.

Another likely possibility is that Gearbox is working on a next-gen update/remake/new title for Homeworld, the classic IP that they picked up in the THQ bankruptcy sale.

Even then, Gearbox also has at least two original IPs in development, which further adds to the list of possibilities.

While there are quite a few directions Gearbox Software could go with a new game, especially with the power of next-gen systems at their fingertips, Pitchford is keeping things a secret for now. Pitchford has set the stage with a tease, and hopefully more details will surface soon.

What would you like to see from Gearbox Software: a next-gen Borderlands or something different? Do you think that Borderlands‘ time has passed?

Source: Randy Pitchford