Hey, Sexy Lady: 'Gangnam Style' Coming to 'Just Dance 4' as DLC

Gangnam Style Just Dance 4 DLC

South Korean singer Psy and his song "Gangnam Style" became an Internet sensation seemingly overnight, turning a song about riding an invisible horse into something wonderful and hilarious. Since "Gangnam Style" caught Internet fire, Psy has been featured on everything from Ellen to Saturday Night Live and further enveloping himself in the cultural zeitgeist.

Of course, when I first saw the video for "Gangnam Style" -- which features an almost incomprehensible, but extremely entertaining, dance routine -- my thoughts instantly turned to the Just Dance series. At the time, Just Dance 4 was about to release, and I felt that if developer Ubisoft didn't find a way to include "Gangnam Style" they would be missing a huge opportunity.

To me there's no better way to shamelessly experience all the majesty that is "Gangnam Style" — getting to shout "Hey sexy lady," rocking a suit and ray bans, or yelling at girl's posteriors — then through the advent of motion-controlled games. All that was needed was a little bit of smart thinking on Ubisoft's, and everything would be right with the world of rhythm games.

Thankfully, my prayers have been answered — "Gangnam Style" will be added to the Just Dance 4 catalogue as DLC. Ubisoft made the official announcement today, and explained that the song will launch some time in November. They weren't ready to speak on pricing just yet, but Ubisoft claims it will be comparable to past DLC offerings.

More than likely, Ubisoft will need to gauge the popularity of "Gangnam Style" a little closer to launch. A couple of weeks ago, gamers would have been clamoring for the opportunity to ride the invisible horse, but, as fads go, the nostalgia typically has a depreciating shelf life. For now, the idea still sounds like a fun novelty gag, but Ubisoft better act fast.

When asked about the inclusion of his song in the game, Psy said he "can't wait to see all the YouTube videos." It's pretty obvious how self-aware the guy his — he knows his 15 minutes of fame clock is ticking — but for now he can hype up his song for a little while longer.

Ubisoft also wants fans to know that "Gangnam Style" is the first in what is purported to be a long list of upcoming DLC tracks for the extremely popular franchise, so stick tuned for more announcements. But for now enjoy the original "Gangnam Style." By the way, this song has 502 million views. Crazy.


Will you be picking up Just Dance 4 solely for the opportunity to dance "Gangnam Style?" What other tracks should Ubisoft add as DLC?

Just Dance 4 is available now for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.


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