The 10 Best Gaming Podcasts (According To The Apple App Store Ratings)

Podcasts are one of the best ways to keep up with news, allowing you to listen as you do other tasks that you probably need to be doing. The video game industry in the U.S. made over $43 billion in 2018 and it takes a ton of time to keep up with and industry of that size.

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Luckily there is no end to the number of video game focused podcasts that are available for you to listen to on services like the Apple podcast app and best of all, they're free. With this many options, it can be hard to know where to start.

10 Waypoint Radio

Named after VICE's video game news division (that has since rebranded as just VICE Games) Waypoint Radio sees Austin Walker, Patrick Klepek and other video game news industry veterans cover the hottest topics in the industry, along with their favorite media, new releases and whatever else they feel like discussing. For those people who just cannot find enough stuff to listen to, Waypoint Radio releases three episodes a week, roughly two hours apiece, so you never run out of video game talk to listen to.

9 The Easy Allies Podcast

The team over at Easy Allies, made up of members of the now-defunct GameTrailers, comes together for a weekly podcast full of games, news and of course, love and respect. Listen as Brandon Jones, Kyle Bosman and a rotating selection of Easy Allies sit down once a week for video game talk. This podcast does an excellent job of not only giving excellent, well-informed takes on video games but also using a wide variety of bits and segments to keep the show always fresh and entertaining. They also end every show with ridiculous bets about the industry.

8 Giant Bombcast

The Giant Bombcast sees Jeff Gerstmann, Brad Shoemaker and the rest of the San Fransico office talk about video games and video game adjacent topics. Bringing years of experience in the industry, Giant Bomb offers some of the most informed and nuanced opinions about video games in comparison to other outlets.

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The gang also has no problem taking as long as they need to talk, with episodes usually running two and a half hours or more. If you want honest, strong opinions about video games, this is the place for you.

7 What's Good Games

What's Good Games features Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher, and Kristine Steimer talking about video games and video game news. All three have covered games for a long time and have a very deep knowledge of the interworkings of the video game industry. A highlight of the podcast is the female-centric viewpoint that the hosts can give, which is underrepresented in video game coverage as a whole. This weekly podcast gives great insight and coverage that people shouldn't missout on.

6 Nintendo Voice Chat

One of several video game-centric podcasts produced by IGN, one of the largest video game and entertainment news outlets, Nintendo Voice Chat is focused exclusively on Nintendo and Nintendo related news. The main appeal of this podcast is its hyper-focus on Nintendo and all of the hosts are very knowledgable about Nintendo, giving a tailored look into Nintendo video games. This also lets it stand out from some of the other podcasts on this list by allowing for more focused discussions and topics.

5 Dude Soup

Dude Soup is the least video game focused podcast on this list and is all the better for it. The premier podcast from Funhaus, the video game comedy YouTube channel that focuses on whatever the topic of the week maybe.

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From YouTube controversies to video games to professional wrestling, the team over at Funhaus covers it all. Funhaus is extremely good at looking at every side of an issue and always having level headed opinions on the topic. While they might sometimes ride the fence a little too hard, the podcast is always interesting.

4 It's Super Effective

It's Super Effective: A Pokémon Podcast is a weekly podcast focused on, you guessed it, Pokémon. Running since 2010, this podcast is an excellent place to stay informed about the latest Pokémon games, trading cards, merchandise, and pretty much any other Pokémon based product there is to talk about. With nearly 10 years of experience and knowledge, the hosts know everything there is to know about Pokémon making it a great place for super fans and newcomers to the series as well.

3 Game Scoop!

Another video game podcast by IGN, this one focused on covering all of the video game news of the week. Hosted by Daemon Hatfield and company. The podcast covers the news as well as goes into topics of the week or whatever else they want to get into. The show has a very friendly and casual vibe, remembering that most of the time video games should only be taken so seriously. Premier news coverage by a premier outlet is just as great as you would expect it to be.

2 The Giant Beastcast

The beast in the east, Giantbomb's east coast team has its very own video game podcast featuring the personalities of the members of the New York office. The team has a wide range of opinions and personalities, bringing a high level of energy and entertainment that is very different from the main Beastcast.

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The team also brings in other members of the CBSi family from around the office building to round out the podcast. This weekly adventure covers everything you need to know about video games and tons of other stuff depending on what the listener emails are for the week.

1 Kinda Funny Games Daily

As the name suggests, this daily video game podcast runs through the news of the day Monday through Friday. Hosted by Kinda Funny's very own Greg Miller along with other members of the Kinda Funny family, like Tim Gettys and Fran Mirabella, this show covers the news when it's the freshest. The podcast also features many, many guest hosts from all over the industry giving a platform to tons of different voices. The podcast also does its best to focus on news and keep it short, only running about an hour typically. It's like a morning newscast, for video games.

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