GameStop Puts Halt On Wii U Pre-Orders

GameStop Stops Wii U Preorders

Have you been holding out on pre ordering a Wii U? Well, we've got some bad news for our American readers: GameStop has put a halt on all future pre-orders for Nintendo's latest console.

Shortly after the Wii U's release date was announced, pre orders for the console skyrocketed. GameStop had previously run out of Deluxe Editions, while Best Buy pre-orders began to dwindle. Now, GameStop has stopped taking pre-orders for the system altogether, and has begun putting potential customers on a waitlist.

While hardware pre-orders can sometimes cost $50 upfront, no deposit is necessary to be put on the waitlist - the only condition is that the customer must be a Power Up rewards member. Once a Wii U becomes available for purchase, the consumer will then be notified they have a 48-hour window in which to claim their console.

Wii U Selling Fast

We knew the Wii U was selling fast, but the rate at which they're going is just unbelievable. CVG also reports that retail chain Target recently stopped taking pre orders, meaning those who haven't pre ordered by now will have to brave the lines on launch day.

In addition to discovering how many gamers come away with a Wii U on launch, it'll be interesting to see what games consumers pick up alongside their new console. Of the more than fifty launch window titles, Nintendo Land is sure to be a best seller not just because considering it comes packed in with the Deluxe Edition.

As I said in this week's Open Discussion, I plan on holding out on the Wii U until Lego City: Undercover receives a release date, however, at this point I'm regretting not pre-ordering just in case. With the system selling as fast as it is, chances are the Wii U will not only be difficult to find at launch, but for some time after that as well.

Did you pre-order a Wii U, or are you already rushing to your nearest game store to secure your console?

The Wii U releases November 18th, 2012 in North America.


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Source: CVG

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