GameStop Store Redesign Leaks Online

GameStop store

The new design of GameStop stores has leaked online. The video game retailer had announced plans to change the layout of its stores as part of its GameStop reboot plan which also saw the company lay off more than 100 store employees and managers.

On September 8, an Oklahoma branch of GameStop posted a video of its new store design on Facebook, asking its followers if they were "ready" to see the store's new look. The store has gray wood paneling and floors, and a gray sofa in front of a TV screen. There are also TVs in the back, a table for tabletop gaming, and a tablet on the wall for ordering. This store layout matches blueprint documents released internally by GameStop. The source also said that there is a GameStop test store in Oklahoma and this location may be that test location.

However, not all of the GameStop stores will look just like this once the new designs have completely been rolled out. While all stores are expected to have the wall-mounted tablet, the store in Oklahoma is more about retro games, and others may be more about esports.

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It's too soon to say how successful the new-look GameStop stores will be, but things do look positive. GameStop faces huge competition from online stores such as Amazon, which offer deals on games and take a large chunk out of GameStop's market share. The popularity of digital games is also a reason for GameStop's financial issues. However, by turning its stores into retail experiences where players can meet other members of their local gaming communities, hang out and attend events, GameStop is offering consumers something that Amazon and other ecommerce sites can't.

A friendlier, more open layout could also help to restore trust in the brand. Consumers have grown frustrated with issues with the retailer's online site, with several saying that their GameStop pre-orders weren't showing up on the site, something the retailer explained was because of a technical glitch. The new designs may get more people buying in store, feeling good about the brand with no technical issues getting in the way.

The price of GameStop stock has dropped as analysts aren't sure it has a place in the market. It's a big ask for the new store designs to make the company successful again, though this could be the start of a real turnaround.

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Image Source: Mike Mozart with a Creative Commons license

Source: IGN

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