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Atari has made a clear goal of adapting licensed properties for several years now. Their releases have been hit or miss, first with a lackluster Matrix Reloaded game, then more recently an exceptional Ghostbusters title. Their newest venture into a fan-favorite property is the upcoming Star Trek Online due out this February.

Atari’s new massive online game is pulling out all of the stops with the inclusion of various planets, star ships and uniform styles to trek around in. But, it seems that on February 2, 2010, Gamestop will be beaming an exclusive Star Trek Online Collector’s Edition to their retail outposts here on Earth.

The collector’s edition will include a ridiculous amount of bonus material in the form of tangible collectibles as well as game content!

The Stark Trek Online Collector’s Edition will include exclusive items – uniforms and a Red Matter Capacitor for ships. The package will also feature a unique steelbook with magnetic closures and holographic artwork, a hardcover manual including an art book, as well as a cast metal Communicator Badge! In addition, pre-orders will receive an exclusive Starfleet Constitution Class starship as well as access to the online beta test.

Star Trek Online Collector's Edition Package

The Exclusive Collector’s Edition looks like a fantastic package for Star Trek fans, but if you are still on the fence make sure to check out Game Rant’s exclusive interview with the Star Trek Online game developers!

The Star Trek Online Collector’s Edition will run Star Fleet officers an unspecified amount of federation credits but will cost earth-dwellers $79.99 when pre-ordered from Gamestop.

Star Trek Online will boldly arrive on store shelves on February 2, 2010.

Source and images courtesy: Gamestop