GameStop Powerup Elite Pro Program Shutting Down

gamestop powerpass service stopped

After it was revealed that video game retailer GameStop was in talks for a buyout, rumors began to swirl around the future of the company. Recently, one of these rumors suggested that it could be ending its Elite Pro membership of its PowerUp Rewards program, which effective today, has proven to be true. While subscribers to this program will have to the end of its current expiration date to take advantage of the features, it will not be renewable once it comes to an end.

Considering this high-level tier of GameStop's PowerUp Rewards program began on September 13, 2017, it was effectively short-lived, as the program hasn't been viable for a full year yet. Many believe that the retailer began this program in order to combat digital and online orders that took away from its sales, but regardless of the reason, it clearly wasn't accomplishing what the company wanted it to.

Thus, an official e-mail was sent out to all subscribers, announcing this change to the program. While the Elite Pro membership will not be renewable, those who have it can continue with the standard Pro membership, and its benefits are listed in the screenshot of the e-mail below:

gamestop elite pro power up shutting down

Of course, these benefits are a step down from the Elite Pro version of the program, as it offered 30 points for every dollar spent, 20% off on pre-owned games, 20$ extra trade credit on games, the items listed in the Pro membership above, as well as a Collectibles welcome gift and free 2-day shipping on a purchase of $35. Although it remains unclear exactly why GameStop chose to end this program, it's likely similar to what happened with the PowerPass rental program.

Nevertheless, many consistently wonder about the future of the gaming retailer, as digital and online services become more dominant in the industry. Notably, however, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter believes the next Xbox and PlayStation 5 will include disc drives, as the gaming giants essentially need to make some concession to retailers of their consoles.

Tell us, Ranters, what do you think about this decision by GameStop?

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