Last month, word got out that GameStop was hacked and customer credit card information was obtained for many patrons that made online purchases between September 2016 and February 2017. Now, GameStop is finally sending out letters to those gamers who may have been affected.

According to details from GameStop, it looks like the hackers were able to gain access to customer credit card numbers, expiration dates, card verification numbers, names, and addresses. Essentially, the hackers have enough information to use the cards anywhere they want for purchases.

GameStop has said it is actively working with KrebsOnSecurity to “eradicate any issues that may be identified,” but for many gamers that’s not very reassuring. What’s even more troubling for some is that it’s taken nearly two months since the company first announced the hack for GameStop to inform customers directly about the problem.

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Now that word is going out, it would be a wise move for anyone who’s received a notice from GameStop to cancel their credit cards and request new ones from their banks. Even those who have not received a letter but made online purchases with GameStop in the last year, may want to consider getting a new card from their bank.

Sadly, it seems the hack came right around the time many gamers were preordering the Nintendo Switch. In fact, GameStop called the Nintendo Switch the “strongest console launch in years”, hinting that the company made plenty of pre-order sales of the console-handheld hybrid device. Gamers were likely affected if they pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch online from the retailer.

Additionally, the hack was potentially active during the busy holiday season, when many gamers were purchasing 2016’s top games, including Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, Dishonored 2, and more at the time hackers were sourcing credit cards information from GameStop.

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The recent revelation about GameStop’s hack and the letters going out to customers may be frustrating for gamers, but could at least work in the favor of Amazon. The online retail giant recently revealed a partnership program with GameStop, where gamers can use their GameStop in-store credit to make purchases on Amazon. With new worries over making purchases on GameStop’s website, it’s a prime time for Amazon to capture those customers.

Hopefully GameStop is able to quickly figure this mess out and make any corrections to its security that are needed. In the meantime, we highly suggest those who have received a letter from GameStop or who made purchases on GameStop’s website during the affected time make the necessary updates to their bank cards as soon as possible.

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