GameStop CEO Believes Nintendo Switch Could Be 'Game-Changer'

Nintendo Switch Third Party Support

GameStop is the latest company to believe in the potential of the Nintendo Switch, calling the console a "game-changer" at an earnings briefing today.

The Nintendo Switch continues to impress those that have had the privilege to see it. In an earnings briefing today, GameStop CEO Paul Raines said he believed the Switch to be game changing, echoing a similar statement by the late, great Satoru Iwata who affirmed the console was designed to change a person's "video gaming life."

Based on what he and the company have seen so far, Raines is confident in the Switch's abilities.

The Nintendo Switch, which I played at Nintendo a few weeks ago--we believe could be another game-changer that will expand the audience for gaming


During the briefing, it was disclosed that early metrics are showing that GameStop PowerUp Rewards members are aware of the console and they're interested. The company reports twenty-seven percent of these members, who know of the console, plan to buy it. These numbers are comparible to those for the Xbox One at a similar point in time.

GameStop believes that figure could climb after the upcoming Nintendo Switch event planned for January. Nintendo has been deliberately withholding key information on the console, such as price, technical specifications, and a full launch lineup, which the company said would not be disclosed until the event. So far, the company has made good on its word; even though there have been a few so-called leaks claiming to have this inside knowledge.

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Raines isn't the first industry professional to dote on the upcoming console. Earlier this week, Bethesda Game Studio head Todd Howard said the Nintendo Switch had one of the best demos he's ever seen.

I love it. I got to play it. I will tell you – well, maybe that’s an N.D.A. thing. One of the best demos I’ve ever seen. Probably the best demo I’ve ever seen. At E3.

Last week, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang shared his feelings on the console, saying he feels gamers will be "amazed" by it and that it is "like nothing they've ever played before." Months ago, back when the console was still referred to as the Nintendo NX, Ubisoft said the console was "really great."

The Switch is scheduled to release in March 2017, but, because of Nintendo's resolve to keep quiet, very little is known about the console. Until January, the public -- press included -- will have to rely on these early responses from industry heads. Luckily, their first impressions have been refreshingly positive so far. This is good, considering the amount of pressure Nintendo had on its shoulders to step up after its previous console was more or less a failure. But as one generation ends with a whimper, the next begins with a noticeable bang.

Nintendo Switch will launch sometime in March 2017.

Source: Gamestop

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