Game selling monopoly GameStop has advertised that people who pre-order Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions will receive the ability to play as Cosmic Spider-Man. This “costume” will feature a “signature charge attack” and will be usable across all four realities in the game, of which we only know two, having watched the trailer.

However, by posting a picture of each of the four realities’ version of Cosmic Spider-Man (above), GameStop inadvertently revealed that one of the realities will be Marvel 2099, evidenced by the 2099-esque spikes protruding from Spidey #4’s wrists. Because of the coloring of the leftover costume, some have speculated that the fourth reality will have something to do with the symbiotes. Thankfully, before GameStop took down the picture, a savvy nerd nabbed it.

Good one, GameStop.

This will mark only the second time that Cosmic Spider-Man or Spidey 2099 has been featured as a playable character in any video game. For the uninformed (and be relieved if you are), Cosmic Spider-Man was a short-lived version of Spider-Man where Peter Parker was merged with the Uni-Power, which, as we all know, comes from a mysterious extra-dimensional aspect of┬áthe blah blah blah blah… even Marvel stopped caring about that crap. The bottom line is that when Spidey was Cosmic Spidey, he was the most powerful character in the Marvel universe. Will the game’s version play the same way? Well, has any video-game ever represented a comic book character’s abilities accurately? Maybe Batman: Arkham Asylum, but even there: Detective Mode? Please.

Is this a reason to pre-order a game from an admittedly hit-or-miss franchise? Will you pre-order it? Have you ever even heard of Cosmic Spider-Man? How do you feel about Marvel 2099 being one of the realities? Start commenting!

Source: Kotaku