As a genre begins to rise in popularity, it’s only natural for the marketplace to become saturated with similar titles. This makes it difficult for smaller games to get the attention they deserve – and stand out from the crowd. This is the case with the MOBA genre and Ronimo Games’ upcoming title Awesomenauts. While the title oozes with charm and style, it will be a difficult fight with multiple high-profile releases on the way.

With titles like League Of Legends currently dominating the genre as well as upcoming titles like Valve’s Dota 2 hosting The International tournament and Blizzard’s DotA mod finally receiving a release window, it will be Awesomenauts‘ unique take on the genre that allows it to make a name for itself.

Rather than sticking with the genre’s usual tropes, Awesomenauts instead brings the team-based action to the side-scrolling battlefield while mixing in an 80’s cartoon aesthetic.

Check out the game’s newest trailer straight out of Gamescom 2011 to get a look inside the world of Awesomenauts and see just how much Ronimo Games was inspired by the action-packed cartoons of the 80s.


There’s no denying that Awesomenauts has a style all its own. While the game’s previous trailers have focused on the characters Froggy G and Sheriff Lonestar, it’s great to get a better look at the title’s general aesthetic and influences. Whether it’s the ominous cartoon narration, the colorful cast of unique characters or the insanely catchy theme song, there’s no doubt that Awesomenauts really does have what it takes to stand out from some of the larger titles on the horizon.

With gamers only getting quick looks at each of the game’s characters in past trailers, this newest trailer gives a better glimpse at each of their different styles and personalities. One interesting thing to note though, is the ominous five-eyed figure that appears behind the six Awesomenauts at the end of the trailer. Even though the game’s focus, as with all MOBAs, is on competitive multiplayer, could this be gamers’ first glimpse of some sort of final boss or secret character? Only time will tell.

While it may not be one of the largest titles looming on the horizon, Awesomenauts is still shaping up to be an extremely entertaining experience. After getting hands-on time at E3 and winning Game Rant’s Best Indie Game of E3, the combination of tried and true MOBA gameplay, fast-paced side-scrolling action and a Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic that oozes charm, the release of Awesomenauts can’t come quick enough.

What are your thoughts on the 80’s Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic? Who do you think the ominous figure in the trailer is?

Awesomenauts is set to release later this year on XBLA and PSN.