In 2010, Sony introduced the gaming industry to a relatively brand new concept. This idea was called PlayStation Plus, a service wherein gamers would pay a subscription fee and in return receive free game downloads every month via the Instant Game Collection, along with special discounts.

Since then, PS Plus has become Sony’s Xbox Live Gold equivalent, with a PS Plus subscription required to enjoy online multiplayer for PS4 games. Just as Sony aped Microsoft’s online multiplayer subscription model, Microsoft saw the popularity of the PS Plus service, which at last count neared 8 million subscribers, and decided to issue a similar program for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. With two of gaming’s giants offering similar services, it’s time to examine them both in detail and determine which service is ultimately the better value.

Six months ago, we compared PlayStation Plus to Xbox Live, but now we’re looking specifically at the value of PlayStation Plus’s Instant Game Collection and Xbox Live Gold’s Games with Gold program. Since that time, both services have received significant changes, and a bombshell dropped at E3 2015 may significantly tip the odds in favor of Games with Gold in the future.


First Up: Why Subscribe to PlayStation Plus


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