The Word Game Discredit Medium

Welcome to Game Rant Asks, an editorialized feature where our writers discuss hot button issues and the challenges our industry faces. After posing a question to ourselves (and our readers) we at Game Rant take the time to share our thoughts regarding the topic. We then leave it up to you to share your opinions, whether that means criticizing our own or simply trying to answer the question for yourselves.

This edition of Game Rant Asks was inspired by a recent Twitter discussion onĀ Spec Ops: The Line, wherein some of our writers hashed it out over whether the game’s narrative can make up for average gameplay. Here, we explore why or why not the term “game” is still representative of the medium and whether we have progressed from “games” to “interactive art.” If narrative is starting to become more important to the medium, then is the term “game” even suitable for describing our favorite hobby?

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