10 Games Like Stardew Valley You Need To Play

Stardew Valley is like a microcosm of the most desirable place you could imagine. Everyone is warm and friendly, and the environment is aesthetically pleasing. Some of us have poured hundreds of hours into Stardew Valley with the hope of creating the most amazing farm possible. People have uploaded their creations to the internet—and oh my, are they gorgeous!

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Whenever a game reaches stardom, a series of spinoff games attempt to replicate its enchanting nature. Numerous games contained in this list are inspired by Stardew Valley and vice versa. Soon you'll learn how Stardew Valley wasn't the first of its kind, but it may be the most masterful take on the farming simulation RPG genre. These are 10 games like Stardew Valley you need to play!

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10 Farm Together

It may not be the most complex and sophisticated farming adventure game, but Farm Together can be quite relaxing for its easy gameplay. Working together with friends in a game that is not a convoluted mess makes it addicting.

Much like other games on this list, fishing, farming, and making friends is encouraged in Farm Together. Graphically, the game looks quite beautiful. The aesthetics are humbling, and it's a game that won't grow boring quickly. You can even start a bee colony in an apiary if you want. There are tons of options for crops to grow!

9 Graveyard Keeper

After you've finished playing Stardew Valley for the hundredth hour, you might want to move on to a new game. Graveyard Keeper could be your next favorite simulation role-playing game. Developed by Lazy Bear Games, Graveyard Keeper is a horrific spin on Stardew Valley.

Released two years after Stardew Valley, Graveyard Keeper puts players in a medieval setting where they must maintain a graveyard while dealing with other matters. The role-playing elements in Graveyard Keeper are masterful, and the artwork of the game is mesmerizing.

8 The Rune Factory 4

The Rune Factory series has produced hit after hit, and soon, Rune Factory 4 will be available on the Nintendo Switch. As of now, the only way to play Rune Factory 4 is on the Nintendo 3DS, but there are other games in the series that are just as spectacular.

You can visit towns like in Stardew Valley, but there is also the ongoing threat of being attacked while in the wilderness. Monsters like giant apes will seldom attack, which is when you'll need to fiercely strike back with a sword.

7 Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Before there was Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon was the leading farm simulation role-playing game to play. The original Harvest Moon released for the Super Nintendo and was impeccably detailed. New versions of Harvest Moon have been released since then. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is a multi-platform video game that is no longer a Nintendo exclusive.

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Its farming mechanisms are masterful, and the problems you'll encounter in the game keep it interesting. In this new Harvest Moon game, livestock produces eggs. Venturing out into this game's expansive world is unforgettable.

6 Farming Simulator 17

For the most realistic farming game, few competitors come close to Farming Simulator 17. Of course, with both games being related to farming, there are quite a few similarities between Farming Simulator 17 and Stardew Valley.

There aren't very many role-playing elements in Farming Simulator 17, but if you just want to kick back and farm, there are few options as good as Farming Simulator 17. Its variety of equipment and farming tools is praiseworthy. Cultivating sizeable farms in 16-player online co-op will get those farms blooming in no time.

5 World's Dawn

This role-playing game bears many similarities to Stardew Valley. With a premise built around restoring a village by harvesting crops and fulfilling various tasks, World's Dawn is an exceptional game that is often compared to Harvest Moon.

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The top-notch writing of the game keeps players enthused. This gameplay of World's Dawn could be the most similar to Stardew Valley. It's available on Steam, and you won't regret the decision to purchase this role-playing game. As a game that is continually updated, there is a plenitude of appeal found in World's Dawn.

4 FarmVille

Starting from a barren field of emptiness and growing it into a burgeoning farm gives FarmVille huge replay-value. This Facebook free-to-play game has multiple sequels, yet who could forget the inventiveness of the original game.

Microtransactions take away from the game, but there is plenty of content to keep players engaged without spending a dime. FarmVille was one of the most popular Facebook games. It says something that Stardew Valley was released after FarmVille; Stardew Valley may have been inspired by it.

3 My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to grow crops and make friends to develop the land. It uses a skill system where you can level up to upgrade your skills. Fighting enemies in My Time At Portia is surprisingly intuitive for a farming game.

There is an abundance of content in My Time At Portia, and it's one of the best indie RPGs we've seen in a while. As a game that costs less than other full-games, it is a must-get for bargain hunters and frugal spenders.

2 Minecraft

There is a world of possibilities contained in the open-world survival sandbox game known as Minecraft. Although there is plenty of content to keep players busy, some will prefer to focus on farming because it's their choice. Minecraft's farming is intuitive and immersive. There is so much potential to grow massive farms or small ones to compliment your house.

In Minecraft, agriculture can be critical to your survival. Food saves you from starving and running out of health points. Undoubtedly, Minecraft inspired the creation of Stardew Valley, even if Stardew Valley is more story-driven.

1 Terraria

Terraria is perhaps more like Minecraft than it is like Stardew Valley, but graphically it is more on par with Stardew Valley. Gameplay elements such as farming and mining are present in Terraria. You can also fish much like you would in Stardew Valley.

The difference between Terraria and Stardew Valley is that Stardew Valley focuses more on role-playing and farming, whereas Terraria is a combat-based game that encourages exploration and collecting loot. Terraria is less relaxing than Stardew Valley due to the ominous threats contained in its expansive world.

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