10 Games Like Silent Hill You Need To Play

For a certain period of time, it looked like the Silent Hill games would forever be the apex horror games out there. Over time, though, the quality in this series dipped and we haven’t had a new release from the franchise in several years now. 

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With the lack of horror games option becoming glaring in recent years due to the explosive popularity of the open-world genre, most believe games like Silent Hill are a thing of the past. While that claim is debatable, we do know that you still have more than several scary games to choose from for the time being. So, if you want to put your nerves of steel to the test, here are 10 games like Silent Hill you should start playing.

10 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017)

This one was like the consolation prize we got for the lack of release of Silent Hills, which was sure to scare the heads off of fans. Still, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a superb game in its own right, one that makes the player check out similar offerings. 

The scares come in the form of sudden attacks, as the first-person narrative means that you feel as if you’re the one inside the game’s universe. Adding in virtual reality in the mix is a surefire way of giving yourself a heart attack, but that’s what makes this game so good.

9 Alan Wake (2010)

Like Silent Hill messes with the mind due to the town preying on the victim’s deepest fears, Alan Wake similarly placed the protagonist within the confines of his own work. In this story, the main character finds himself living out the stuff he had written for his novel, kickstarting the mystery behind the plot.

Gameplay isn’t very helpful to make things easier, as Alan has to rely on his flashlight to push away foes. It’s the kind of game that doesn’t allow you a moment’s worth of relief, as danger lurks in every corner.

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8 The Evil Within 2 (2017)

This one has more action than the previous titles we’ve mentioned, but there’s also the addition of a lot more gore for you to handle. Bringing in more scares compared to the original, The Evil Within 2 has you battling enemies out to gut the protagonist alive.

It’s a romp through the nastiest of settings you can imagine in a gaming universe, one that requires a tough person to go through as there’s a big chance you’ll feel like throwing up on more than one occasion.

7 Outlast (2014)

Has venturing into an asylum ever spelled good news? In the gaming world, especially, it’s a serious no-no for characters to take this risk, but that’s exactly what you’ll have to endure in Outlast. 

The game doesn’t shy on the jump scares, and you’ll have your heart jump into your throat and possibly in your mouth most of the time. Plus, you don’t even get to feel safe with the use of any weaponry, as the game takes away all offensive options and makes the player rely on a camcorder for sight.

6 Heavy Rain (2010)

Silent Hill’s earlier installments were such hits mainly due to the quality storylines available within them. Later sequels generally veered toward trying to scare you too much, but it’s games like Heavy Rain that remind us why Silent Hill originally became a big thing.

Here, you won’t feel scared in terms of fearing for your life; rather, you’ll find yourself feeling the heart pound away as the main characters are presented with chilling decisions that only makes the antagonist seem as abhorrent as one can imagine. It’s a twisting tale that can have the worst case scenarios come to life.

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5 Saw (2009)

Those who’ve heard of the series will be well aware of the numerous traps seen in the films, but how freaky would it be to actually be the one suffering Jigsaw’s twisted sense of justice? In Saw, the player finds themselves in an asylum (why is it always asylums?), where they need to solve the most brutal traps to escape.

Like the films, the game doesn’t pull any punches either, and you’ll be treated to more than a few grotesque situations. It’s a lot less psychological than Silent Hill, but the scares definitely feel around the same ballpark.

4 Until Dawn (2015)

The Silent Hill games present multiple endings to the player because of the choices they make during the story, but what would it be like to fail at the game and still continue playing? This is where Until Dawn comes in.

In this game, the player can end up dying at the hands of the antagonist and have the game go on, as there are hundreds of endings available - all of which are contingent upon the way you play and the choices you make.

3 The Cat Lady (2012)

There’s nothing similar gameplay wise between Silent Hill and The Cat Lady, but because both of these games instill fear in the hearts of their players, you can see how they can be considered kindred spirits. 

In any case, any mention of The Cat Lady is worth it, as this indie horror game deserves the exposure due to being a scary offering despite being limited in presentation. Here, you get into the mind frame of a classic interactive horror, as the interactive cutscenes bring about chilling consequences. The heart pumping music evokes feelings similar to those grim folk tales you used to be scared of as a child.

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2 Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010)

Substituting the usual asylum setting with that of a medieval castle - which, let’s face it, is equally fear inducing -Amnesia: The Dark Descent perfectly illustrates why less is more in terms of horror in video gaming.

Like it was the case in the Silent Hill games, this one also has mostly barren environments for you to explore, a fact that only creates a chilling tension that furthers your trepidation. Uniquely, it’s the puzzles that scare you most, as every corner of the castle signals something truly horrifying is stalking you the whole time.

1 Resident Evil (1996)

The first Resident Evil will always be the first name on the lips of gamers when talking about horror in games, as even Silent Hill’s path was paved by Resident Evil’s success. While you are armed in this game, that doesn’t feel like much when the chillingly quiet atmosphere feels like it’s closing in you by the second. 

Even fighting enemies isn’t that useful, and the strange camera placements means you can’t feel at ease in any corner of the environment. Resident Evil was responsible for making it a possibility for horror to be translated onto gaming, and you need to jump into this horrific world to appreciate its impact fully.

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