Microsoft Reveals Four Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass in December

games leaving xbox game pass december 2019

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service features over 100 video games that players can download and play between PC and Xbox One. While there are certain Xbox Game Pass games that will likely be on the service forever (mainly the first-party Microsoft games), other titles will be removed from time to time. Microsoft typically gives Xbox Game Pass subscribers a warning before removing any titles, and that's exactly the case with the next four games that are being pulled.

It's been announced through the Xbox Game Pass app that Life is StrangeLife is Strange: Before the StormAshen, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 are all being removed from Xbox Game Pass at some point in December 2019. An exact removal date hasn't been announced, but it seems to be roughly two weeks after the games are announced to be leaving the service. Considering this, it's likely that the games will leave Xbox Game Pass in the middle of December, or even a little earlier than that.

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All four games that are being removed from Xbox Game Pass in December 2019 are well-received titles, with Life is Strange winning multiple awards at the time of its release. A choice-driven adventure game, Life is Strange earned a great deal of acclaim and has a large dedicated fan base, so some may be a bit sad to see it leave the Xbox Game Pass lineup.

While both Life is Strange and its prequel Before the Storm will be leaving Xbox Game Pass in December 2019, it doesn't mean the entire Life is Strange franchise will be removed. On the contrary, new episodes of Life is Strange 2 are regularly added to Xbox Game Pass, with the most recent one revealed to be coming just a week ago.

In the meantime, anyone that may want to purchase Life is StrangeBefore the Storm, or the other games leaving Xbox Game Pass in December 2019 will want to do so before they're removed from Game Pass. That's because Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get a discount on game purchases when they buy a game that is currently available through Game Pass.

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