10 Games To Recommend To Someone Who's Just Getting Into Gaming

Gamers can easily forget that what seems basic to us may be difficult to learn for someone who is just getting into video games. There is a lot to keep track of depending on the game. For example, stats like your characters' defense, speed, attack, and so on. There are also different strategies depending on the game from button mashing to stealth. It can be a lot for a beginner to handle.

However, there are those games at are simple and kind. Failure does not mean having to replay a battle or dungeon, because there aren't really any. There is also not much to keep track of, so players do not have to stress themselves. Here are ten simple but amazing games for people that are just starting to get into video games.

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10 Animal Crossing Games

This addicting game series is all about living in a village of animals. The only thing you have to do is pay off your house debt to a raccoon, and you get to do that as slowly or as fast as you want! The way you make money is by doing innocent chores for the various villagers. You can also collect fruit, trash, and other items to sell. You also get to decorate your house and donate artifacts to the local museum.

Its a great game to get used to what a lot of side quests are like in other games and also on how to raise money video game style. It also teaches beginners the addicting art of trying to collect as much as possible.

9 Mario Kart Games

Mario Kart games are perfect partly because they are multiplayer. You can have experienced and inexperienced players play together. Depending on which game from the series you have, there can be a ton of settings for how slow or fast you want to cars to go and what items you want to be available. It is super user friendly and all you have to worry about is winning a quick race.

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8 Telltale Games

For beginners that still want a dark and edgy story, look no further than the games the Telltale company made. This includes the Walking Dead games, Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, Batman, and more. Is if perfect for beginners who love comic books, as comic books were what inspired most of their games.

The games are very story-centered and focus on the choices the player makes. They do not have to worry about various quests and stats.

7 Journey

Journey is a unique game that has won many awards. It is meditative, quiet, and artistic. All the player has to worry about is getting to the top of a mountain. The puzzles involved to get there are very simple. If they are lucky, they may bump into another player online and they can work together.

Part of what makes this game magical is that it does not use any words, only imagery and sounds. If you meet another player, all you can do is chirp at each other and move around in order to communicate.

6 Life Is Strange

These games are a lot like Telltale in that they focus on story and choice rather than strategy and combat. You play as Max, a photography student who has returned to her childhood town. However, she gets powers to control time. She does not exactly become a superhero, as she uses her powers for daily things like remembering peoples names and making sure someone does not get hit in the head with a soccer ball.

However, the story takes interesting turns and the stakes get more intense as the story progresses.

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5 Firewatch

This game is about a man who lookout for fires in a national forest. Its pretty fun, as your first mission is to climb down from your watchtower and yell at a bunch of drunk teenagers about forest safety. You do not have to worry about items or combat. You must explore the forest and investigate the mystery of who trashed your place.

The characters are very well written and you get a radio and can have amusing banter with your manager.

4 Pokémon Games

For a lot of gamers, Pokémon was one of their first games. To simplify the game to its core, it is just a complex version of rock-paper-scissors. You collect creatures and battle them. They have different types and moves that all have strengths and weaknesses. Veteran players got that all memorized, but beginners are welcomed in every game as they have a lot of notes and tutorials in-game about what to do.

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3 Harvest Moon Games

The Harvest Moon games are all about farming and making friends with your neighbors. You plant seeds, water them, milk cows, collect chicken eggs, and more. You can sell what you harvest or give them as presents to your townsfolk. As you collect more money, you can upgrade your farm. You can also get married in the game and have a baby.

If you get tired of farming, there is more to do. Some games have caves you can explore and towns typically have various festivals.

2 Night In The Woods

This is a very story-centered game. You play as Mae, a college drop-out that returns to her hometown. She reunites with her friends, they do a lot of shenanigans, and there is an overarching story about people disappearing.

The game has a very philosophical, dark, and humorous tone to its writing. The characters are all very fun with different personalities. The game is also very easy with just exploratory components and decision-making.

1 Heavy Rain

While this game has been torn apart time and time again for its badly written twist, it was still a memorable game. In fact, it can be a first game for some. It all consists of quick-time events and decisions. The quick-time events are not typically live-or-die scenarios either, so failure is not greatly punished. Just press the buttons and maybe you'll see a character juggle balls correctly versus making a fool of themselves in private.

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