After eight years and hundreds of games Robert Cox IV, better known by his Gamertag Stallion83, has finally done it. Cox has become the first Xbox gamer to hit 1 million Gamerscore and added even more padding to his current world record.

Early Wednesday night, with only a few hundred points left before hitting 1 million, Cox made the decision to finally go for the milestone in earnest. Thousands tuned into his Twitch channel to watch him hit the milestone and slightly before midnight (pacific time) he did it. And it was only fitting that Cox reach the mark playing Microsoft’s latest major release, Titanfall.

Highlights of the record-breaking stream included a grab bag of next-gen titles from Battlefield 4 to Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare to Peggle 2. In most cases Cox actually completed the game, earning the full 1,000 Gamerscore available. All told he unlocked 43,598 achievements.

Although Cox’s early Gamerscore pursuits were merely as a Microsoft fan — some might even argue he is THE fan — his relationship with the Xbox manufacturer soon became a symbiotic one. While Cox was racking up Gamerscore thanks to Xbox releases, Microsoft was building a ton of publicity by highlighting his efforts. Microsoft even acknowledged Cox’s status by gifting him the only lifetime Xbox Live Gold subscription in existence and one of the very rare white Xbox One consoles.

Stallion83 White Xbox One

Now that Cox has broken the record, he plans to return to game playing in the more traditional sense — i.e. no longer focusing on tedious goals in some truly awful games. Yet, with each previous milestone it seemed like he was equally as ready to call it quits, but he still pushed on. Still, 1 million is quite the accomplishment, and knowing that it would likely take another eight years to get to 2 million sounds quite daunting.

In a way, Cox was a large-scale representation of many Xbox gamers and their seemingly endless quest to unlock more and more achievements. Some might argue that achievements have fallen off in terms of their relevance to gamers, but clearly there are still some people out there trying to continuously up their score.

Congratulations to Stallion83 on this incredible milestone.

Do you think that Stallion83’s feat is a genuine achievement (pun intended)? How deep has your personal pursuit of a high Gamerscore gone?

Source: Stallion83