Game Store Owner Accused of Telling Employees to Steal Merchandise from Rival Store

At the beginning of August, two employees of the Nebraska video game store Gamers were arrested after being accused of stealing merchandise from a rival store called the Gameroom and selling it at their own store. At the time, 26 year old owner David Mitchell told local news affiliates that he had nothing to do with it, and also made a lengthy Facebook post explaining his innocence. However, Mitchell has now been arrested and hit with a felony burglary charge for "conspiring to steal" from the Gameroom, and having stolen around $50,000 worth of video game consoles and games.

According to Omaha news channel KMTV, Anthony Rodriguez, one of the employees who was initially arrested, told police that Mitchell instructed him and Phillip Williams to steal from the Gameroom. The thieves were able to get into the store easily because Williams previously worked at the Gameroom and still had a key to the store. The thefts were caught on camera, leading to the arrests of Williams and Rodriguez.

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After the Omaha Police Department issued a search warrant at the Lincoln, Nebraska location of Gamers, they seized four stolen consoles. Another search warrant was issued to search through the Facebook pages of both Mitchell and Williams. It was then when police learned that Mitchell was communicating with Williams while he was stealing from the Gameroom. Williams reportedly sent Mitchell images of merchandise.

This isn't the first time Gamers has found itself in the news for unfortunate reasons. Back in 2018, Gamers closed its locations on Iowa, citing a lack of good employees. It was said that the employees yelled at customers and used racial slurs. Some of former employees pushed back against these claims, and accused Gamers management of forcing them to attend unpaid mandatory meetings and work overtime for no additional pay.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the Gamers brand of stores now that owner Mitchell has been arrested. Currently, there are Gamers stores located in both Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska.

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Source: KMTV

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