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In the video game community, gaming based offenses are considered especially heinous. In cities across the world, gamers share stories of others breaking unwritten rules of gaming etiquette. These rules shall be unwritten no more. A group of dedicated gamers will take their own experiences and others’ and document these offenses, laying down laws to prevent further crimes.

These are those laws.

In an intense battle for gaming supremacy, it can feel like life or death. And for your in-game character, that’s often exactly what it is. On the battlefield, not everyone is not strong enough to compete with the best of the best (as depicted in last week’s Law #129: Don’t Take Advantage Of The Weak). Those who may be lacking in strategy and/or experience may luck into a move that is successful. Learning moves is all apart of the process of improving one’s skills, especially in fighting games. However, it can take a dark turn when gamers decide to use one move in rapid succession over and over again. Craftier players know what these moves are and can develop counters against them. Others are left at the mercy of these dirty spammers.

Be better than that. Don’t be so one dimensional. Leave childish tactics behind. You would not like it if such a tactic was used on you:

Gamers-Law Webcomic PlayStation Move

Spamaholics are not welcome on the field of battle.

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