In the video game community, gaming based offenses are considered especially heinous. In cities across the world, gamers share stories of others breaking unwritten rules of gaming etiquette. These rules shall be unwritten no more. A group of dedicated gamers will take their own experiences and others’ and document these offenses, laying down laws to prevent further crimes.

These are those laws.

Don’t be the guy or gal that cannot handle losing. It happens to the best of us. It happens a lot to the worst of us. When soundly defeated by a gamer who simply performed better, players should just take it like a mature man or woman. It is hard to respect someone whose tear ducts overflow every time they take a loss. Such a player will either become the person gamers love to play against because their tears sustain them or the person no one wants to play with due to the incessant crying and mountain of used tissue.

You never know who is watching and taking note of your reaction to wins and losses. Your gamer reputation is a precious thing. It is not just whether you win or lose. It is also how you play the game. A gamer’s reputation can take a serious plummet, if they throw a hissy fit everytime they get sniped on Call of Duty: Black Ops or embarrassed with a Level 3 Hyper Combo in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Gamers who cry are simply sad to look at for some and great entertainment for others.

Don’t make a spectacle of yourself.

Gamer's Law Webcomic Dont Be A Crybaby

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