Gameplay Video of Halo: Reach Forge Map Titled 'The Cage'

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Today is the day Xbox owners have been waiting for. With Halo: Reach now available to purchase and many of you furiously blasting through the campaign, we thought we would give you a brief reprieve from your marathon session to watch a very cool video detailing a new Forge created map, brought to you with Bungie commentary.

Titled “The Cage” this new map was created by Bungie with nothing but the tools available to any user of the new Forge World editor. As an asymmetrical game map, The Cage makes for fast and furious kills, highlighted by some highflying acrobatics. Since the map is available in Forge, it also becomes your own map to test out and compare your own Forge abilities.

Check it out:


Everything you see on the map can be removed, added to, or given some form of restriction (i.e. Jetpack height boundaries). As the developers play through the map, they note many of their design choices, some of which could be used as inspiration for your own creations. The tidbit I found most interesting was the decision to situate The Cage on the side of a mountain in order to better orient players in what could have been an otherwise confusing asymmetrical map.

Forge World is sure to keep the mod element of Halo: Reach going for a long time to come. While Forge was a giant leap forward, Forge World is a polished version of that footprint. It takes many of the community developed elements one would expect from a PC multiplayer game and brings them right to your console. I can’t wait to play all the maps you Ranters create.

Halo: Reach is a game stuffed to the brim with goodies. Not only is the campaign one of the best of the series, but everything from multiplayer to ForgeWorld are there to extend the experience as we wait with baited breath for Bungie’s next creation.

Those of you who have already jumped into Reach headfirst, what are your plans for Forge World? What type of map do you plan on creating?

Halo: Reach is available today for the Xbox 360.

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