PAX Prime: Interview with Pay to Play Matchmaking Service 'GameCrush'

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The girl gamer is definitely a subject of some debate amongst those in the video game scene. To fill that void, a new service has emerged, GameCrush - allowing gamers to match themselves with cute and video game capable girls as well as play with them online.

I already know what you're thinking, "Why would I do that?" And I'm not here to advocate one way or another, it's your decision to make. However, I can't help it if my interview with co-founder, Eric Strasser, regarding the site's true service (it is not an adult-oriented site), influence, expansion, and a mess of other things, convinces you to check it out.

In addition, I got to ask some of the girls who work for the site, two of six who had come to PAX, some questions as well - living the dream of any journalist, interviewing cute girls who love to play video games. Check out the interview and form your own conclusions but don't forget to check out my own thoughts at the end:

GameCrush girls 2
GameCrush girls 1

After talking to Strasser about the site, I was clearer as to what GameCrush was really about. Yes, at first, I did think it was something adult-related, but after that had been cleared up, I came to the conclusion it's an interesting concept. That being said, I already know many people would object to using the service simply because you must pay.

However, you have to think about the millions of people who use online dating sites with monetization systems like or eHarmony - services that most people accept without question.

The video game industry has a unique place in popular culture, spawning all kinds of different services and products. If nothing else, GameCrush is representative of the expanding influence of game culture as well as a result of the constantly evolving industry.

What are your thoughts on GameCrush, Ranters?

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