'Game of Thrones' RPG First Screenshots and Story Details

Fans of the renowned fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin will already be excited at the prospect of an actual RPG set in the universe. Game of Thrones, which will be developed by Cyanide Studio is now confirmed to be working alongside publisher Atlus, (Shin Megami Tensai, Disgaea) who will lead the vanguard to bring the game to audiences.

Game of Thrones' story will be personally supervised by the series' author, George R.R. Martin to ensure authenticity and to prevent any kind of strange continuity errors. While Game of Thrones will be taking place in the Realm, players will assume the role of two different soldiers who fought in Robert's Rebellion, and will make their mark by forging alliances, questing, and interacting with various notable figures.

It's unknown at the time whether or not the two characters will have any influence in the decisions that were made in the first novel, but they will be able to interact with familiar faces. They might even being able to perform tasks and quests for them, which should prove a real treat for fans of the novels.

The game will be releasing in early 2012 so footage of the game itself, including details of the "active slowdown tactical combat engine" (that's a bit of a mouthful) should be on its way soon. Cyanide Studio has stated the game will be an amalgamation of Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect 1, meaning real-time, party-oriented combat. One of the more interesting things to watch for is how the fighting will be handled and whether or not it will focus on active or passive abilities in customizing your character.

Take a gander at some of the early screenshots below and see what Game of Thrones has in store:

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The world of Westeros is a big one, spanning from The Wall to King's Landing and out beyond sea to the kingdom of the Dothraki. It would be wonderful to see Cyanide Studio create a cohesive and unforced story that would take the player to each of these areas to explore and adventure, but we'll have to wait until more plot points are released.

For the more strategically oriented individual, there was also a strategy game recently released entitled Game of Thrones: Genesis, for which we have provided a review. What say you, Martin fans? Happy to see that the world of the novels is being brought to life in a full-fledged RPG? Any predictions on the story you'd like to give now?

Game of Thrones releases in Early 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


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