As the Game of Thrones finale approaches its November 17 release date, Telltale has released one final pack of screenshots teasing the events of Episode 6: The Ice Dragon.

Telltale’s most ambitious adventure game yet, its side story for the hugely successful Game of Thrones franchise, is quickly approaching the release date of its finale. The series’ sixth episode, titled The Ice Dragon, launches on November 17 across all of the supported platforms. In standard Telltale fashion, the studio has released a small pack of screenshots teasing the events of the upcoming episode. Consider that a spoiler warning, so look further below at your own risk.

In addition to its normal digital releases on November 17, a retail edition including all six Game of Thrones episodes will also be available on the 17th in North America and the 20th for Europe. This will mark the first time Telltale has been able to perform a release across all supported platforms in a single day. Unifying all platforms for a digital launch must have been a herculean effort, but if any franchise was going to accomplish a feat it would be Game of Thrones. Then again, when it takes almost a full year to release six episodes, it makes sense Telltale would have plenty of time to notify all the platforms in advance.

The Ice Dragon will serve as the conclusion for this Game of Thrones side-story focusing on the Forrester family. The five different threads from which the story began will now tie together once more in episode 6, or should we say fully unravel instead? It wouldn’t be Game of Thrones if the series concluded with a happy ending, and Telltale has already proven their willingness to end on less than ideal terms with The Walking Dead‘s first season. But even that could be considered a fairy tale ending compared to what Game of Thrones might have in store.

Game of Thrones Ice Dragon Screenshots - Tree

The biggest question seems to be whether or not Telltale’s deal with the Game of Thrones television show license extends past just a single season. So far Telltale has remained entirely separate from the main story of the franchise, which could allow the game to conclude with no strings attached. The money lies in leaving at least one door open for a follow-up story, though.

If there are any major complaints related to Game of Thrones so far, it’s that six episodes released across almost a full year isn’t productive for anybody. Even the Game of Thrones television producers could tell Telltale all about how viewers hardly have the patience to wait for television episodes a week apart.

After all, the quality of Telltale’s adventure games is unquestionable.There’s perhaps a little exhaustion with regards to the format, but each episode is still highly anticipated.

Yet here we are at the end of the year, the time of awards and holiday recommendations, with the finale of Telltale’s perhaps largest series yet and the hype has faded into the background. Perhaps that will change with the episode’s release, but Telltale certainly has much to consider going into 2016.

Game of Thrones‘ sixth episode, The Ice Dragon, will be available beginning November 17 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, as well as iOS and Android devices.