The latest UK video game sales charts reveal that Dead Rising 4 is currently selling better than The Last Guardian – although neither has taken the top spot.

Although we are still early on into December, the video game world has already seen several high profile releases this month. Among the most anticipated were the duo of Dead Rising 4 and The Last Guardian, and many were intrigued to see exactly how well the titles would do once they saw release. Now, UK sales figures have been able to give a snapshot at exactly how the games are faring, and it’s apparently better news for the Capcom franchise.

According to the latest sales charts from GfK Chart Track, it looks like Dead Rising 4 has just pipped The Last Guardian in terms of the rankings. For the week leading up to December 10, Dead Rising 4 managed to debut in fifth place, while The Last Guardian was only able to jump in at seventh place in the charts. It’s an impressive showing for Dead Rising 4 in particular, although neither game was able to rank at the top of the charts.

Instead, that honor has fallen to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which overtook FIFA 17 to grab the top spot. It seems that even though Call of Duty sales are down on last year, Infinite Warfare is still turning out to be a hit relative to other games. Battlefield 1 came in third in the charts, while other top ten games include the likes of Final Fantasy XV, Watch Dogs 2, and Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Alongside the fact that both games have gone against some other powerhouses of the industry, such as the aforementioned Infinite Warfare and Final Fantasy XV, it’s fair to say both Dead Rising 4 and The Last Guardian had gamers feeling a little tentative prior to release. Some fans of the Dead Rising series had been raising concerns that the fourth iteration of the franchise would not be able to capture the same level of quality as previous games, while the long development cycle of The Last Guardian may have caused some gamers to wait and see how the final product fared before purchasing.

As far as a critical response goes, neither game has been hitting perfect marks. Dead Rising 4 has seen a generally favorable reception, although the game’s shortcomings have been clear to many players. The Last Guardian has also seen positive reviews from many, although it too is not without its issues. With both games seeing a fairly decent response, though, perhaps those who held back on their cash might try their luck now.

Although Sony may feel a little disappointed that The Last Guardian did not have more of a commercial impact at launch, previous games from the same development team have not always had the best sales. After all, in spite of the success of Shadow of the ColossusIco in particular struggled commercially at release. Perhaps The Last Guardian will follow a similar trajectory.