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The Evil Within 2 Review

The Evil Within 2 is a significant step forward from the first game in the series, providing tighter controls, a more focused narrative, and no shortage of scares.

Cuphead Review

Cuphead Review

Cuphead delivers a carefully curated balance of gorgeous hand-drawn visuals and unforgiving gameplay. This heavily stylized title is an instant classic.

nhl 18 review

NHL 18 Review

EA Sports builds upon the existing tried and true base for NHL 18, bringing with it a spectacular new mode called Threes and a much-needed gameplay retool.

monster hunter stories review

Monster Hunter Stories Review

Capcom's spin-off of the Monster Hunter series makes for a surprisingly enjoyable turn-based RPG on Nintendo 3DS, merging addictive mechanics with cutesy graphics.

pokken tournament dx review

Pokken Tournament DX Review

The first-ever Pokemon fighting game hits the Nintendo Switch following its initial debut on Wii U, expanding upon the experience and delivering a rather worthwhile fight title.

metroid samus returns review

Metroid: Samus Returns Review

Nintendo reimagines the Game Boy classic Metroid 2: Return of Samus for a new generation of handhelds, maintaining the series' challenge while giving it some much-needed polish.

Knack 2 Review - Knack 2 box art

Knack 2 Review

Knack 2 is an improvement on the original game across the board with a better balance between brawling and platforming, though it's not without its flaws.

XCOM 2 War of The Chosen Review

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Review

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen introduces seemingly countless new gameplay additions and changes for the deep tactical strategy game - but do the pieces all fit together?

f1 2017 race start

F1 2017 Review

F1 2017 doubles down on the success of the previous year's entry, with huge improvements to the Career Mode and fun additions such as classic cars to drive.

Observer Review - Observer box art

Observer Review

Observer is a disturbing cyberpunk horror game with an engrossing story, though there are some minor flaws that keep it from reaching its full potential.

miitopia review

Miitopia Review

This quasi-followup to Tomodachi Life is a wacky, time-consuming RPG that blends moments of zany glee with the realization that it's not an innovation within the genre.

Agents of Mayhem Announced - Logo

Agents of Mayhem Review

Agents of Mayhem may take place in the Saints Row universe, but this adventure title has its own bizarre cast of vulgar misfits aiming to save the world from mad scientists.

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