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mtg arena vs. hearthstone

Magic Arena Review

Magic Arena brings the iconic card game into the modern era with a digital adaptation that finally matches the quality of the paper version.

felix the reaper promotional art

Felix the Reaper Review

Felix the Reaper is a dark romantic-comedy puzzle game that shows promise with its loads of personality but is held back by simple gameplay.

wwe 2k20 review

WWE 2K20 Review

WWE 2K20 is a broken game that is one of the worst wrestling video games made to date, plagued by technical issues and boring game modes.

Ring Fit Adventure Review

As far as exercise games go, Ring Fit Adventure is quite easily one of the best to date, delivering fun and genuine exercise in equal measure.

medievil review

MediEvil Review

The MediEvil PS4 remake is a faithful recreation of the original PS1 game that makes significant gameplay and visual improvements.

Warsaw Review

Warsaw is a gritty strategy game set in WW2 Poland, but how does the game hold up versus the other strategy games out in the wild?

the surge 2 review

The Surge 2 Review

The Surge 2 is a better game than its predecessor, with improved exploration, satisfying customization, and tough-as-nails boss fights.

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