Game Rant Version 2.0 Has Arrived!

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Now that the E3 furor has died down a bit, the Game Rant staff has been working diligently to bring you news and reviews in a neater and more accessible package.

As you've probably noticed by now, we've being making some big changes around here. It's all a part of our roll out of Game Rant version 2.0. We've been working hard to improve the experience for all of our readers, and hope you will enjoy the modifications we've made in furthering that goal.

Some of the new features include:

  • New Home Page Design - We changed the layout of our Home Page and slide show so that readers could locate articles in a much easier fashion. While we were proud of our original design, the old layout had a lot of wasted real estate and many popular stories were cycling off of the front page too quickly. For the new design, we wanted to make our most recent stories much more accessible.
  • Replaced Disqus comments - As much as we liked the ideas inherent to the Disqus comment system, it was causing slow load times and occasionally failed to work as intended. Consequently, we replaced it with a more streamlined comment system to ensure that pages load quicker and to permit readers to post their thoughts without creating a user account.
  • New Game Trailer and Review Page Designs - Again, we redesigned each page so that you can quickly scan and locate the game(s) in which you're interested. Of course, we'll continue to post these items on our front page as they release.
  • New Social Media Sharing Features - Want to share a story you read on Game Rant with your friends, your massive followers list, or the public at large? Now you can do so easily with one click as every article has a button that delivers a link to Twitter, Buzz, Digg, or an email address.
  • Added a Mobile Version of Game Rant - This was something we wanted to provide for awhile so that reading Game Rant on-the-go would be more convenient and you'd be able to get right into the stories that interested you most.
  • New Logo Designs - Thanks to the artistic talents of one of our contributors, Sid Williams, we created all new logos for our home page, Facebook, and Twitter in order to give our site its own unique look.

We really appreciate all the support you, our readers, have provided the site since we went live - and things will only get better as we move forward. Game Rant has big plans for the future and we hope you'll continue to look to us for the unique features, reviews, and gaming news we're working hard to provide.

Let us know what you think of the new site design. Also, if there are any features you'd like to see in Game Rant v. 3.0, don't be shy... leave a comment below!

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