Welcome to Game Rant 3.0

Game Rant 2.0 upgrade

Welcome to the future! Or at least, the next step in evolution for Game Rant.

In December we rolled out Screen Rant 5.0 as it was time to update our look as well as the functionality of the site. As of now, a similar upgrade has rolled out on the video game side of things and just like with Screen Rant, Game Rant will continue with the same darker visual color style in an effort to differentiate ourselves from most other video game sites.

The new design for the sites has been re-coded from scratch, meaning much improved load times. On top of an efficiency improvement, the two column layout on the home page has reverted back to a sleeker single column with other noticeable changes around the different sections of the site. We've got snazzy new Game Review and Game Trailer pages, plus more relevant related items at the bottom of every article.

Another thing we're doing is pushing for social interaction for the site - a more prominent Facebook fan widget and and big share buttons for both Facebook and Twitter at the bottom of posts. We're trying to get the word out and we can use your help - the Facebook page will be a place where we'll put up fun stuff other than just game news, you'll be able to interact with us and share Game Rant with your many Facebook friends. :)

There may be the odd glitch here and there (always the case with such a drastic change), so please bear with us and give us feedback on what you like, don’t like and any problems you might uncover over the next few days!

We had an incredible first year here at Game Rant and we thank all of you for your continued support. As we push forward into our second official year of operation, big things are in the planning so stick around and look for us at any and all gaming events around the world!

Follow us on Twitter @gamerant and look us up on Facebook at

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