Game Rant Open Discussion: September 30, 2016

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In this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion, we’re discussing Destiny: Rise of Iron, Minecraft, Pokemon GO, and more! Come on in and join the conversation!

The end of September marks the true beginning of the fall season, and we have little doubt many a retail outlet are already stocking up on Christmas decorations (just because they can). Of course, this September 30th has another bit of significance – it means its time for the next Game Rant Open Discussion!

For those who may not have partaken in the weekly activity before, the Game Rant Open Discussion is a regularly scheduled thread where our readers are invited to discuss whatever happens to be on their mind, even if that subject isn’t remotely related to videogames. Anyone wanting to express their thoughts about in-game dabbing or discuss the ongoing Presidential debate is welcome to do so here, and can join in on the conversation by scrolling to the comments section below.

To help kick off the conversation, we’ve compiled  list of some interesting game-related happenings from the last few days. This week, we’re kicking off with news about Portal, Minecraft, Destiny, and more!

J.J. Abrams Says A Portal Movie Announcement Is Coming Soon


Ever since J.J. Abrams first announced that he was partnering up with Valve to create movies for Portal and Half-Life, gamers have spent a lot of timing waiting to hear more about the project. Unfortunately, things have remained almost completely silent since the announcement, and Abrams even had to go on the record to confirm that his film company was still hard at work.

Things finally seem to be kicking into gear now, though, as Abrams recently teased that an announcement regarding the long-awaited Portal movie would be coming soon. The critically acclaimed director has a meeting with production staff on the horizon, and provided that meeting goes well, it seems fans will find out exactly just how productive it was shortly after it concludes. Portal was a fantastic game that struck a fine chord in terms of quality and length, and we can only hope the movie will do it justice.

Do you think a Portal movie will be a triumph, Ranters?

Minecraft 1.11 Update Details Release

Minecraft 1.11 to Add Llamas, Mansions and Maps

MineCon has come and gone, but with it came the news that the next major PC update for Minecraft was in development. Mojang confirmed that the 1.11 Update would be adding several brand new features, most exciting being the new friendly llama mob that can be tamed, ridden, and equipped with inventory-capable saddles. Along with the spit-taking creatures come shulker items and giant woodland structures filled with ‘Illagers’, a hostile mob type which features both melee combatants and spell-casting variants.

Not to be left in the shadows, villagers also received an update with the new cartographer villager, who will sell maps to the player. Getting pre-completed maps was previously impossible in single player, so this inclusion should be a great help to those venturing out into the infinitely-generating world that each game of Minecraft brings to the table. Now the game is compatible with Oculus Rift and Gear VR – while boasting crossplay support among several platforms – we foresee plenty of pixelated llamas showing up on screens around the globe.

An N64 Emulator Found Its Way Onto The Xbox One This Week


Now that Microsoft is working hard at merging the worlds of Windows 10 and the Xbox One, it was inevitable that some unintentional cross-contamination would take place. While it’s true that Microsoft likes to see Xbox One and Windows 10 content work on both platforms, the company certainly didn’t intend to make an unlicensed N64 emulator available for download on the Xbox One. Though it has since been removed, many gamers were able to purchase the application and play several N64 games on the it, which is a crossover that simply wouldn’t happen on an official level.

We didn’t need the accidental launch of the N64 emulator to tell us that fans are hungry for more nostalgic content: even though Nintendo is releasing a classic NES console, fans are still insatiably hungry when it comes to retro gaming console content. We already stated how much we’d want a Mini N64, and we have little doubt such a creation would net the Big N a hefty profit. In any event, we doubt Xbox One gamers will ever get another chance to play some Super Mario 64 on their Xbox One, so kudos to the quick-witted gamers who downloaded the application before Microsoft was able to remove it.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Has A New, Powerful Exotic Weapon


Although Destiny: Rise Of Iron released ten days ago, it wasn’t until a raid group named Math Class finally solved the mysterious monitor puzzle two days ago that one of the best hidden secrets of Rise of Iron came to light. That tasty secret happens to be a powerful exotic pulse rifle called the Outbreak Prime, which boasts a solid attack, high rate of fire, and lightning-fast reload times. We’ve since released a guide on how to get the Outbreak Prime, so gamers looking to upgrade their wares should make way for the monitor puzzle.

Busy times are ahead for Destiny players enjoying the new expansion now that both Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner are poised to return in the near future, both of which just had a long hiatus away from the game. As we head into the weekend, we’ve also got Destiny players covered in regards to the Xur location and exotic items for September 30 – October 2nd.

Pokemon GO Gets Its Third Nest Migration



As Niantic rushes to keep Pokemon GO players placated with new features like the buddy system and capture maps, its clear that not every major change has to come in the form of a new version of the game. This week, Niantic triggered the third nest migration for Pokemon GO, which means Pokemon spawn locations get switched around to keep things interesting for players who have grown used to the usual Pokemon populace near their typical routes.

Not everyone will be too happy with the latest nest migration, especially places like the animal shelter which just raised $13,000 for being a popular Charmander hotspot. The latest nest migration has switched the shelter to Rhyorns, which don’t quite have the same swarm-of-PokemonGo-players pulling factor that the beloved fire-tailed salamander does. Still, it’s good to see that Niantic is taking the proactive route to keep fans interested, though we’d love to hear news on when the next generation of Pokemon will release for the game.

Are you still playing Pokemon GO, Ranters?

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