Game Rant Open Discussion: September 23, 2016

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In this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion, we’re discussing Destiny: Rise of Iron, Pokemon, Grand Theft Auto Online, and more! Come on in and join the conversation!

Somehow there’s only week left of September, and the closing of another week means it’s time for the next Game Rant Open Discussion!

For those who may be unaware, the Game Rant Open Discussion is a weekly thread where we invite our readers to discuss anything that happens to be on their mind. That means that all (appropriate) conversation is welcome, even if that subject isn’t related to videogames at all. Ranters can join the conversation by clicking the gray Load Comments section below this article!

Of course, games are the unifying factor which brought us all together here, so we like to start things off with a quick recap of some of the week’s suggested gaming topics in order to kickstart the conversation.

This week, we’re talking about Destiny: Rise of Iron, Pokemon Uranium, Grand Theft Auto Online, and more!

Destiny: Rise of Iron Takes The World By Storm


Destiny fans had been counting down the days until the long-awaited release of the Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion, and it hasn’t taken long for gamers to delve deep into the new content provided by Bungie since the expansion was released. After some initial server issues, it seems like everyone is now able to hop online and find those sweet, sweet new raid weapons (and much more, of course).

We’ve compiled a few guides on how to carve out the secrets of the DLC once players trigger the new content, including where to find each and every medallion, how to unlock the Iron Song achievement, and how to get the Year 3 Gjallarhorn (a topic which has spurred much confusion among Destiny fans). There’s plenty more where that came from, so those looking to get the most out of Rise of Iron should have plenty to talk about in the Open Discussion below!

Pokemon Uranium Is Officially Dead

Pokemon Uranium is Officially Dead - Chyinmunk

The creators of Pokemon Uranium spent nine years developing the slick-looking and unique Pokemon experience, but deep down most had a feeling that the good times wouldn’t last long. Nintendo has a reputation for fiercely protecting its content against fan-made creations, and there’s little doubt that Pokemon Uranium was a standout creation when compared to most. The nuclear-themed game looks identical to the Nintendo DS Pokemon games, and features 150 brand new nuclear-themed Pokemon (along with the return of Primeape and Gyarados).

During the nine years of public development time, The Big N remained silent as the fans compiled a team and work diligently on the game, eventually releasing it as a free PC download one month ago. Shortly after the release gained traction among fans, however, Nintendo issued several takedown requests to the creators. The team complied by removing all download links, but continued to provide updates and support the online functionality. This week, the creators declared Pokemon Uranium officially dead, and ceased any kind of such support or development.

Even for a game with a nuclear theme, Pokemon Uranium has had a surprisingly short half-life.

Grand Theft Auto Online Gets A Biker Update


In an update sure to make plenty of gamers happy, Rockstar Games has confirmed that the studio is working on a Biker themed content update for Grand Theft Auto: Online. This won’t be the first time that Rockstar Games has tackled such a task, as the studio spent plenty of time working on The Lost And The Damned, a biker-centric expansion for Grand Theft Auto 4. It’s also a reminder of what could have been, as Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter once approached Rockstar Games about creating an official videogame for the biker-based television show.

The announcement comes after several real-life biker groups got together and petitioned for Rockstar Games to provide more biker friendly content to GTA: Online, and those words clearly didn’t fall on deaf ears. The new update will reportedly allow for traditional biker club roles all the way from Prospect (potential members ‘trying out’ for a club who must do everything they are told) to President (the top of the proverbial food chain), and will feature several new bikes, weapons, and biker-themed clothing and tattoos.

Kojima Distances Himself From Metal Gear Survive

Hideo Kojima Departs Konami

Ever since Hideo Kojima’s nasty split from Konami, gamers have borne witness to one of the greatest breakups in videogame history. Fans of the Metal Gear franchise have been predictably upset at how the studio treated the series creator, and things weren’t helped when Konami announced it was continuing Kojima’s staple franchise without him. Earlier this week, Konami put forth a 15 minute gameplay video of the upcoming Metal Gear Survive, and the video was predictably met with a mass of dislikes from angry gamers.

As if to add insult to injury, Hideo Kojima immediately distanced himself from everything to do with Metal Gear Survive, stating that his previous work with the company was about political fiction and espionage, and that zombies don’t fit in with his vision for the franchise. Kojima went on to announce that his own game Death Stranding would release before the Tokyo Olympic Games, a figure which should give the legendary creator plenty of time to fine tune his work.

Do you think Metal Gear Survive can ultimately win over the angry gamers, Ranters?

The Pokemon Company Will Release Games for the Nintendo NX


Pokemon games have been enjoying the spotlight more than ever before when it comes to handheld accessories, due in part both to the massive success of Pokemon GO and the upcoming releases of both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. As expected, however, that doesn’t mean that The Pokemon Company is content to sit back and count their fortunes. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, The Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara has confirmed that the company will also release Pokemon titles for Nintendo’s next dedicated console, the Nintendo NX.

While not entirely surprising, the confirmation from Ishihara lends more credibility to the rumors that the Nintendo NX will host Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon games shortly after the console’s launch. Despite the fact that the Nintendo NX is still shrouded in mystery, it seems like The Pokemon Company is evidently on board with the platform – though only time will tell when a Pokemon game will finally return to a Nintendo console.

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