Game Rant Open Discussion: September 2, 2016

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Remember, remember, the 2nd of September! That’s apparently what we’re saying now, because it’s time for fans to take part in this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion!

For those not in the know, the Game Rant Open Discussion is a place where our readers can gather and discuss whatever happens to be on their mind, even if that subject isn’t related to video games at all. We regularly post a new Open Discussion every Friday, and readers can join in on the discussion by scrolling to the bottom of this post and clicking the gray “Load Comments” button underneath the article!

To kick things off, we’ve compiled some hot ticket items from the last seven days for discussion. This week, we’re talking about Battlefield 1, The Last Of Us 2, No Man’s Sky, and more!

Let’s get it started:

The Rundown on the Battlefield 1 Beta

battlefield 1 flame trooper elite class
The end of August brought the Battlefield 1 beta to players on all platforms, and it took very little time for chaos to consume those who jumped into combat across the Sinai Desert map. We’ve compiled a list of everything gamers need to know before heading into the beta,  along with a separate guide on how to be effective with each soldier class. Of course, there’s no better way to learn than by doing, so interested gamers should sign up for the open beta right here.

The beta got off to a difficult start due to a DDOS attack on the game’s servers, but things seem to be more stable now on the server front. Since the full game is still almost two full months away from release, Electronic Arts will be hoping that DICE has plenty of time to address gamer feedback once the beta closes, like when Ubisoft Massive addressed 10,000 bugs from the beta of The Division.

Battefield 1 will release October 21 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

No Man’s Sky Players Are Getting Refunds En Masse

No Man's Sky: Everything You Need to Know - No Man's Sky cover
Hello Games co-founder and No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray forewarned fans that the title would create a divide in the fan base, so perhaps it shouldn’t be all too surprising that enough gamers have demanded a refund that major retailers are now accepting them in bulk. Now that the initial reviews have come forth, it seems like the title has achieved a very distinct “love it or hate it” status, with the majority of launch week players now having abandoned the game.

Steam has now made a special notice on the game’s profile page to warn players that the game will play by Valve’s regular rules when it comes to returns, which only allows refunds for titles with under 2 hours played or within 14 days of purchase. While the title certainly isn’t a bad experience overall, it seems that Sean Murray and Hello Games are guilty of selling what we will call the “Peter Molyneux” effect – that is, delivering a final product of the game that fails to match up to with what fans had expected. Now that Sean Murray has flipped his stance on paid DLC, it will be interesting to see how any post-launch content fares with the remaining galaxy explorers.

The Last Of Us: Ellie’s Actor Wants To Do Another Game

The Last Of Us 2 Ellie Actor
Now that Neil Druckmann has confirmed he has finished up with Uncharted 4 and can continue with his development of The Last Of Us 2, many are wondering whether the sequel to the original will pick up where the game’s riveting narrative left off, or focus on a brand new set of characters in an entirely new same-world environment. Evidently, it isn’t just fans pondering whether such a move is on the cards – Ellie’s voice actor, Ashley Johnson, has had the same question cross her mind.

Speaking in an interview earlier this week, Johnson confirmed that she would be interested in doing another game within the franchise. While she acknowledged that sometimes it’s good for a series not to answer every question when it reaches the end of a story, few could blame her for being interested in signing on for another round if Druckmann and company decide that Joel and Ellie still have a part to play in the future of the franchise. Johnson also more or less confirmed she wasn’t going to be involved in the movie, which is still in developmental purgatory.

The PS4 Slim Will Support 5Ghz Wifi

ps4 slim new dualshock controller
Sony has tried to keep quiet on its recent console developments, but despite the company’s best efforts word has escape about an upcoming PS4 Slim model, which will come bundled with a slick new PS4 controller as well. The last two weeks have borne witness to several different image leaks of the slim console, which reveals a somewhat ironic similarity to Microsoft’s failure to keep the Xbox One S a secret ahead of its announcement – though, so far Sony still hasn’t confirmed the existence of the PS4 Slim in any official capacity.

A user in possession of one of these PS4 Slims has begun tweeting about the device, confirming that the latest PS4 model will finally support 5 GHz WiFi, something which will greatly improve WiFi speeds for eventual PS4 Slim owners across the globe, since that frequency is much less cluttered with plenty of other WiFi-hogging devices. The same user also tweeted that the PS4 slim will support B/G/N/AC wifi modes, which gives Sony’s response to the Xbox One S a firm A+ when it comes to wireless support.

Build-A-Bear Introduces An Eevee For Pokemon Fans

Pokemon: Build-A-Bear Releases Eevee Stuffed Animal
That’s right, we’re writing a fluff piece – but you have to take it literally. Build-A-Bear has officially announced the next stuffed animal to join its ranks, and it’s even more adorable than we could have hoped: the Pokemon Eevee is now officially part of the customization shop’s catalog.  The announcement comes the month after Pokemon GO took over the world, where Eevee featured so prominently as one of the best Pokemon that many pondered if the adorable pocket monster needed to be nerfed.

This isn’t the first time the Build-A-Bear workshop has dipped its figurative toes into the lucrative Pokemon market, as fan-favorite Pikachu is already on the roster. While fans won’t be able to evolve Eevee like they can within Pokemon GO (in fact, they can even control which evolution will take place with this handy guide), we’re sure the adorable plush creature will become a favorite among customers.

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