Game Rant Open Discussion: September 16, 2016

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In this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion, we’re discussing South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Destiny, Pokemon GO, and more! Come on in and join the conversation!

We’re officially halfway through September, and it looks like the warm months of summer may finally be succumbing to the colder, leaf-filled embrace of the fall season. As another busy week comes to a close, it’s time once again for the Game Rant Open Discussion!

For those who may not know, the Game Rant Open Discussion is a weekly thread for Game Rant readers to get together and discuss the happenings of the week. While videogames are obviously what bring us all together, any topic is welcome in the Open Discussion – whether it’s that new delicious burger joint around the block, or speculation on what the upcoming Japanese Rainbow Six Siege operators could bring to the table. At the bottom of this article lies a gray ‘Load Comments’ button, which interested readers can click to join in on the conversation!

To get things started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the big happenings from the past 7 days, so that readers can catch up on a few things they may have missed as the week progressed. This week, we’re talking about South Park: The Fractured But Whole, The Division, Pokemon GO, and more!

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Gets Delayed Until 2017


Gamers hoping to continue the legacy of the new kid in the beautifully titled South Park: The Fractured But Whole won’t be able to do so this holiday season, as Ubisoft has now confirmed the fart-blasting experienced has been delayed until 2017. More specifically, the game has been officially pushed back to the first quarter of next year, so while Ubisoft may miss out on the holiday window, gamers won’t have too many additional months of waiting time until they get to see what Trey Parker and Matt Stone have cooked up for the sequel to The Stick of Truth.

The first game tied into the television show’s episodic schedule perfectly, and we speculated that it’s possible that the duo behind South Park could also be timing things so that The Fractured But Whole can launch alongside a later episode of the show’s 20th season, which just kicked off this week. Fans can still take a gander at 20 minutes of gameplay footage to keep themselves entertained in the meantime, but it looks like it’ll be a while longer yet before they can suit up as their own superhero.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is now poised to release in Quarter 1 of 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The New The Division Update Aims To Introduce Big Changes

division farm loot underground dlc

The Division launched to a massive reception after a very well-received beta, but Ubisoft Massive’s Manhattan-based shooter soon found itself struggling to stay afloat amidst a series of game-breaking bugs and a lack of late-game content to keep the players coming back. During this week’s State of the Game, some of the developers have finally talked about how the upcoming 1.4 update will change parts of the core game itself, and hopefully lure back some of the game’s player base – 95% of which have dropped stopped playing the game by now.

In order to do this, it looks like Ubisoft Massive is completely reworking how long it takes high level players to kill high level enemies in the late game, which will ensure combat goes by at a faster pace and prevents every high level enemy from becoming a complete bullet sponge. Players can now also change the difficulty for their own world, and loot drops will spawn in accordance to whatever level gamers happen to be playing on. Massive is also scaling back the difficulty as players try to make the jump to both Challenging and Heroic difficulties, and is re-introducing patrolling bosses to the game, a move which will hopefully make it so that the Dark Zone isn’t the only thing left for high level players to do.

Pokemon GO Gets a Buddy System Update


It was 2 weeks ago that Niantic finally revealed that the next big Pokemon GO update would introduce a buddy system to the game, and that update finally launched earlier this week. As the title implies, the buddy update allows intrepid Pokemon trainers to assign one of their Pokemon to be their buddy, who will walk, fly, or rest on their shoulder as they trek around the city. Pokemon assigned to buddy duty can’t be used for battles or assigned to gyms, but they do generate candy as players walk certain distances, introducing a brand new way to collect the precious Pokemon candy commodity.

Previously, the only way to gather candy was to catch wild Pokemon, or release a caught Pokemon. Now that the buddy update has fully launched (after some additional delays), it hasn’t taken trainers long to discover how long to walk for each type of Pokemon. Rarer buddy Pokemon require longer walking distances before dolling out that sweet, sweet candy, although gamers in the process of hatching eggs will probably have already been doing quite a bit of walking anyway.

Destiny May Be Secretly Introducing A Submachine Weapon Class


Players taking a look at the companion application for Destiny noticed a strange new addition that quietly appeared ahead of the upcoming Rise Of Iron expansion: a new submachine weapon class that was completely unannounced by Bungie. Players have already had a glimpse at some of the expansion’s exotic content and its first story-based mission, but the idea of a new weapon class is something that has come completely out of the blue. Bungie hasn’t confirmed one way or the other, which hasn’t exactly stemmed the flame of fan speculation.

As we pointed out, it’s important that gamers recognize that the update may potentially be including some data from features and content that were scrapped before the expansion makes its public release. Gamers have previously found exotic weapons and armor in Destiny update files before, only to later discover that these items never made it to the release of the current update. Still, the aspect of a new submachine weapon class is a tantalizing prospect, and it’ll be interesting to see if the weapon’s inclusion on the companion app has any merit.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will launch September 20th on both PS4 and Xbox One.

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