Game Rant Open Discussion: November 20th

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In this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion, we’re talking about the Star Wars Battlefront release, the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided delay, and more. Come join the conversation!

It’s the end of the week, which means it’s time once again for the Game Rant Open Discussion. Each Friday we reflect on a few of the biggest news items from the previous week and open the comments section to our readers to discuss these and other topics of their choosing.

This week, we’ll be touching on the Star Wars Battlefront launch, the start of the Black Friday gaming deals, a major game delay, and an excited upcoming beta. We encourage our readers to enjoy the conversation and look forward to connecting with you.

Star Wars Battlefront Releases

Star Wars Battlefront Hoth Rebels

This week, the highly-anticipated Star Wars Battlefront launched to mixed reviews from both gamers and critics. On the positive side, many commend EA and DICE for their impressive graphics and fast-paced gameplay, especially in the Walker Assault game mode.

However, not everyone’s a fan of the Battlefront reboot. Many people are disappointed by the lack of a campaign or story integration, and the small amount of content compared to other games, including EA and DICE’s own Battlefield series. Overall, it seems Star Wars Battlefront has failed to live up to the hype.

Read Game Rant’s full review of Star Wars Battlefront here.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Delayed Six Months

Deus Ex Mankind Divided New Game Plus

Eidos Montreal announced this week that they are delaying Deus Ex: Mankind Divided an additional six months to August 2016 in an effort to refine the game and avoid compromising quality. While not one can fault the developer for wanting to push out a high-quality game, the announcement once again brings to mind for gamers the frustration with game delays and soft launch dates.

Fortunately for gamers, this Spring is full of other highly-anticipated games that will surely keep gamers busy and their wallets empty. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and Far Cry Primal all look promising, and will likely sell very well while gamers wait for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

PlayStation 2 Emulation Coming to PlayStation 4

PS4 3.10 Firmware Update

Sony confirmed this week that thanks to a new emulation method, PlayStation 4 owners will soon be able to play their favorite PlayStation 2 games on their current-gen console. The move is likely a response to Microsoft’s backward compatibility on Xbox One that launched this month.

Sony didn’t release any additional information beyond the base announcement, but there’s a good chance the new feature will roll out this next year with a small library of games, and add more games each month or so similar to Xbox One’s program.

Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta Coming November 25th

Rainbow Six Siege Multiplayer Maps

Ubisoft announced this week it will be running a final open beta for its upcoming shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, from November 25th to 29th. The beta will be the final opportunity for gamers to try the game and Ubisoft to gather feedback before the game releases on December 1st.

Those who participated in previous beta events will gain one-day early access to the beta on November 24th. Pre-loading will be available November 23rd.

With such a packed holiday schedule for new game releases, it’ll be interesting to see how much attention Rainbow Six Siege can garner, and if this final beta will help Ubisoft sell more copies of the game.

Black Friday Gaming Deals Announced and Started

Xbox Store's Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is without a doubt the most exciting shopping day for many gamers. With some discounts well over 50 percent for some of the hottest games, gamers will happily open their wallets.

In preparation for the big day, some retailers and game companies have already announced their deals, and in some cases started offering early discounts to gamers. Walmart will be offering massive discounts on multiple console bundles, along with deals on major titles like Batman: Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Mad Max, Splatoon, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Best Buy and GameStop both announced a $299.99 PS4 Uncharted Bundle, and Xbox One kicked off a week of sales and deals today on It’s safe to say gamers will have plenty to do this holiday season.

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