Game Rant Open Discussion: May 27, 2016

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In this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion, we’re discussing a new Xbox One, Minecraft, The Division, Destiny, and more! Come join in on the conversation!

May might be winding down, but this week was all non-stop action as big news items dropped left, right, and centre. From large Xbox One console news, to Overwatch, Minecraft, The Division, and more, there’s plenty left to talk about, and that’s why this post was created.

In the Game Rant Open Discussion, we strive to create a place where our readers are free to talk about anything that happens to be on their mind, whether it pertains to this week’s gaming news or not. Below this article lies a gray Load Comments button, and clicking it will allow our readers to join the conversation in full.

To help kick things off, we’ve assembled a quick list of some of the biggest news items of the week. Without further ado, here they are:

Rumor: Microsoft Is Making Two New Versions Of The Xbox One

xbox one second generation on the way

Given the longstanding rumors that Sony is about to unveil its Neo 4K PS4 model at E3 2016, it only makes sense that Microsoft would release something to compete with a rival console’s improvements. This week, vetted news sources began to leak more information about Microsoft’s rebuttal, and it is supposedly coming in the form of two different Xbox One models.

The first model is a slim model of the Xbox One, and this is likely going to be shown at E3 2016 in three weeks. The second console is the more competitive model tentatively called Scorpio, which is rumored to be four times as powerful as a standard Xbox One. The incredible hardware upgrades will make the unit more than capable of running an Oculus Rift, which is a move that makes sense given Microsoft’s partnership with Oculus from several months ago.

It looks like the days of consoles with an eight year shelf life are gone, as the industry simply improves too quickly for consoles to remain competitive for the entire duration.

Bungie Might Ban Players For Having Slow Internet


Destiny is still a large attraction for gamers everywhere, and the online scene for the game is still a staple of activity. However, many of these gamers bring with them slow connection speeds, plenty of lag, and that annoying red bar that nobody else wants to see. It looks like Bungie is tired of hearing complaints about the issue, as the studio has reportedly begun warning players with problematic connections that they may get banned from the PVP portion of the game if they don’t solve the problem.

Most gamers accept lag as part of the burden that comes with online play, and it’s unheard of to see a developer threaten to ban users who aren’t fortunate enough to have a stable connection. The studio has yet to follow through with any of the threats, and has instead been fixing bugs silently while the community reacts. We think it’s unlikely that players will ultimately get banned from part of the game they paid for due to shoddy connection speeds, but it’s certainly a sign of the times.

The Division Gets A Hat Trick: Servers Down For Third Time In A Week


It’s been a week to forget for Ubisoft Massive, as the studio has run into a plethora of problems following the launch of the big 1.2 update. While many gamers expected to be able to log online and take their agent for a run through the new Clear Sky incursion, many gamers found that their characters had once again gone missing, the daily missions were broken yet again, and the servers were down for maintenance no less than three times to address various problems introduced by the update.

Truthfully, The Division is looking more and more like a great concept with lackluster execution, and Ubisoft Massive will be hoping fans still remain enamored with the title for its new incursion, player-versus-player action in the Dark Zones, and the promise of more player-versus-environment content in the future. More than 80% of the game’s PC player base has already abandoned the game, so Ubisoft Massive is due for a hail marry sequence of time without errors.

What do you think about the technical issues for The Division, Ranters?

Minecraft: Console Edition Gets An Exclusive Mini Game

Minecraft Battle Mini Game Preview

Gamers building away in Minecraft on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Wii U will soon have extra content heading their way, as 4J Studios and Mojang have now announced the first of many additional mini games for the title. Entitled Minecraft Battle, the first mini game will allow for up to eight players to duke things out in three different deathmatch maps. Players start facing eachother in a circle Hunger Games-style, with a pile of chests in the middle of the map.

We had a chance to get hands-on time with the title, and found that it was a nice consequence-free distraction from the game’s mainstay building mechanic. Minecraft Battle will be supplimented by additional $2.99 map packs, and the studio states that it will be watching consumer feedback to see what it can do to both improve that mini game, and figure out what mini games it should add in the future.

Minecraft Battle will go live this June on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U.

Overwatch Launch Is A Huge Success

overwatch lfg tool

To the surprise of almost none, Blizzard Entertainment’s squad-based shoot Overwatch has become an instant success following its launch this week. The studio made a very smart decision by skipping the free-to-play concept entirely, with the game becoming a crowd favorite squad-shooter on levels not seen since Team Fortress 2 introduced hats. This week, even Conan O’Brien got in on the action, though he made his character choices on butts rather than which heroes are best for beginners.

Fans have already made their own improvements to the game, with one Redditor even improving on the game’s default matchmaking prowess by developing his own tool for the task. Microtransactions are once again a big factor in gameplay, which has led to several loot box opening videos going viral. It’s clear that the community behind the game is very happy with the product they’ve recieved, and we expect plenty more from Overwatch as players continue to explore the game.

Overwatch is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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