Game Rant Open Discussion: March 4

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The first Open Discussion of March has us looking at No Man’s Sky and Mass Effect: Andromeda release news, a live action P.T. video, and more!

Welcome to the first Game Rant Open Discussion for March! As the week comes to a close, we like to round up a few of the hot ticket items for discussion, and encourage our readers to take a gander at the comments section below. In the Open Discussion, everyone is free to discuss anything that’s on their mind, whether it’s related to the week’s gaming news or not.

This week we’ve got game release date news galore with No Man’s Sky and Mass Effect: Andromeda, as well as everything from backward compatibility on the Xbox One to a surprise live action trailer for Alan Wake.

Without further ado, let’s recap the week:

No Man’s Sky Finally Gets A Release Date

No Mans Sky

Follow months of speculation, developer Hello Games has finally announced when No Many’s Sky will release. The studio had previously stated that the game would land in June of 2016, and finally confirmed the actual date at a Hello Games and Sony event.

Those looking to explore the unbelievably large title can do so on June 21st, when it launches in North America simultaneously on both PC and PlayStation 4 (as of right now, it won’t be coming to Xbox). European gamers can join in on the action June 24th.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Coming In 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda logo

This announcement may not have come as a total surprise, seeing as Electronic Arts had already stated that Andromeda would arrive by March 2017 at the latest. However, eager fans had speculated that a release for the holiday 2016 window might be on the cards, and others thought that BioWare might even attempt to have the game ready for N7 Day this November.

This week, Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgenson revealed that Mass Effect: Andromeda was scheduled for the company’s fourth fiscal quarter, which covers the months of January to March. This rules out any potential holiday release, making a March release look all the more likely.

Xbox One Gamers Can Now Purchase 360 Games

Xbox One Backwards Compatible

During E3 2015, Microsoft made big waves when the company announced that backward compatibility was coming to the Xbox One. Though this was a great step forward in terms of legacy support for those who had populated Xbox 360 libraries, the system that was put into place still forced gamers to either buy an item from the Xbox 360 store itself, or purchase a physical disc – there was no way to have every 360 title available for purchase straight from the Xbox One itself.

This week, Microsoft squashed that problem entirely with a massive patch that made every single backward compatible Xbox 360 title available to download via the Xbox One. While not every title from the days of the 360 will be compatible, fan favorites like Gears of War and Mass Effect are already available, with other top-tier titles like Red Dead Redemption are on the way.

Somebody Brought P.T. To Life In A Short Film

Hideo Kojima Discusses P.T. and Terror as a Theme

We’d just like to say we’re sorry in advance, because the video we’re about to talk about is horrifying, albeit intentionally so. Konami may have canceled Silent Hills before anyone ever got a chance to let it into their nightmares, but many a gamer were left impressed by the P.T. demo that arrived on the PlayStation 4 before all the drama with Silent Hills occurred.

The aforementioned horror-themed demo was an excellent piece of craftsmanship, and now a group of intrepid filmmakers have made a 14 minute short film that brings P.T. to life. It’s just as horrifying as the game itself was, and we highly encourage anyone who loves a good scare to watch the video from the link above.

Alan Wake Teaser Confirmed for Quantum Break

Alan Wake's Return Teaser Confirmed for Quantum Break - Alan Wake kneeling

During a recent media preview event for Quantum Break, there ended up being an unexpected teaser for another game: Alan Wake’s Return (which, as it turns out, isn’t going to be the final title of the game). Apparently, in an early section of the demonstration players could interact with a television which played a live action trailer for the title, which prompted speculation that Alan Wake would be getting its own spin-off television show.

One Game Rant editor left the demonstration with Quantum Break making his list of most anticipated games of 2016. What happens in the game will directly impact the tie-in live action show, which will take across four different twenty minute long episodes, each of which contain over 40 different variations based on what happens in the game.

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