Game Rant Open Discussion: March 25

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It’s time for the late March Game Rant Open Discussion! As the week comes to a close, we reflect on the hot topics of the week, which was chock-full of console drama.

As the last full week of March comes to a close, it’s time for our weekly bout of Game Rant Open Discussion. Here, we invite our readers to take a gander at the biggest developments from the week. So far, The Division has continued to dominate the weekly headlines, and the smash-hit title continued to generate plenty of drama this week (thought not all of it good).

We’ve taken the liberty of previewing some of the biggest news items of the week in a handy list below, so that readers can quickly catch up and discuss the events of the week. Of course, we encourage our readers to discuss any topic regardless of its relation to gaming – after all, this is called an Open Discussion! Interested readers can click on the comments button below the article to join the conversation.

This week’s top items involve Sony and Nintendo console-based drama, The Division, ARK: Survival Evolved, and more!

ARK: Survival Evolved Developers Face Lawsuit

ARK Survival Evolved

After Studio Wildcard exploded into the spotlight with its hit early-access title ARK: Survival Evolved, gamers would be forgiven for thinking all would be smooth sailing for the developers. The dinosaur-filled crafting game has been getting frequent updates from Studio Wildcard, but it turns out a lawsuit against Studio Wildcard staff member Jeremy Stieglitz by his former studio, Trendy Entertainment, may force Studio Wildcard to halt sales of the game.

Stieglitz used to work at Trendy Entertainment before a massive scandal about the workplace environment prompted his exit, which involved a one year non-compete clause. However, Trendy Entertainment are now accusing Stieglitz of violating this contractual obligation, stating that he immediately began work on ARK: Survival Evolved in secret (which they allege is direct competition to their popular tower defense series called Dungeon Defenders). Fans are left waiting to hear what stems from the legal conflict, which may force ARK: Survival Evolved sales to be halted.

Drama In The Dark Zones Of The Division

Division Phoenix Credit Patch Delay

It was another busy work for one of the most popular games of recent times, with the dramatic rise and fall of a loot farming exploit, a major patch being released, and the near-instant discovery of a new loot farm to replace the one that was just fixed. Ubisoft Massive evidently has plenty of projects on the burner when it comes to The Division, with a priority likely being given to fixing a new massive glitch that is preventing players from logging in after an inventory bug.

Fans who have been able to login have certainly kept themselves busy where the Dark Zone is concerned. This week, gamers around the world cheered on one agent as he took down 8 rogue agents single-handedly, only to be one-upped by the forces of evil a single day later as one rogue agent recorded himself mowing down 20 agents. The Dark Zone has become a truly chaotic place of late, so one gamer crafted a handy interactive map to make things a little easier for the rest of us.

That Nintendo NX Controller Leak Was A Hoax

Nintendo NX Controller 1

Last week, seemingly realistic photos of a rumored Nintendo NX controller started popping up all over the internet. The photographs sparked an intense debate between if they were the real deal or a Photoshop job, and the fact that a second batch of photographs followed shortly after just added more wind to the rumor mill. Now, one of the people behind the ‘leaked images’ has stepped forward and released a video explaining that his images were a hoax, backing up his words with a video showing exactly how he made them.

While the topic sparked an uproar of negative feedback based on the look of the controller, Nintendo was probably glad it distracted the masses from another rumor that alledged the company was planning on dropping support of the Wii U as early as this year. The Big N has since refuted that claim.

Sony May Be Working on PlayStation 4K

Upgraded PS4

The ideas of an upgraded PlayStation 4 started to pour out from the veritable rumor mill last week, and these rumors of an upgraded console entitled the PlayStation 4K gained credence this week with Eurogamer stating that the news outlet had ‘independently established’ the truth behind the rumors.

The PS4K, as it is being called, reportedly features some hefty hardware improvements as compared to the standard PS4. This is so that the unit can not only better render 4K gameplay, but also lets the current console generation keep pace with the intensive demands of the PlayStation VR and games that are supposedly already ‘pushing the boundaries‘ of the standard console.

The news of an upgraded unit has prompted some worry from fans afraid of what this means for those who already purchased a regular PS4, and Sony has yet to comment on the speculation.

Halo 2 Originally Had An Entirely Different Ending

This is Halo 2's Original Ending - Halo 2 cover

Nearly 12 years after its release, few could have expect Halo 2 to make a splash in the news world of 2016, but here it is: former Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell has now revealed that the game originally had an ending drastically different than the infamous cliffhanger which fans around the world experienced after the game launched in 2004.

According to O’Donnell, the original Halo 2 ending featured Master Chief making it back to Earth, finding the Ark of the Covenant, teaming up with The Arbiter, and defeating the Prophet Of Truth. While that sounds like an ending to remember, it was unfortunately dropped due to time constraints at Bungie, but was close enough to being developed that the voice actors had already recorded the dialogue that was penned for it.

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