Game Rant Open Discussion: June 24, 2016

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In this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion, we’re discussing The Division, Death Stranding, the Nintendo NX, Mortal Kombat, and more!

It’s officially summer, and this Friday has already borne the fruit of a shiny new Game Rant Open Discussion!

This weekly post lets our readers discuss whatever happens to be on their mind, even if it doesn’t pertain to the realm of videogames. Gamers interested in joining the conversation can do so by clicking the comments button at the bottom of this article, with some of this week’s biggest talking points to get the conversation started.

The last seven days has had gamers talking about a number of things: a dramatic update poised for The Divisioninteresting news about Mortal KombatNintendo; and even Kojima’s mysterious new title, Death Stranding.

Without further ado, here’s some of this week’s highlights:

The Best Weapons of The Division Are Being Nerfed

division smg nerf details

Ubisoft Massive had told fans to expect plenty of weapon rebalancing in the upcoming 1.3 update, though few would have expected most of the fan-favorite weapons would all be getting universally nerfed. Ubisoft confirmed the news in a blog post yesterday, where the studio revealed the entire SMG class of weapons would be getting a stat reduction. The Vector and the AUG are hit hardest, with each getting a hefty 10% decrease in damage, and all of the SMGs will now swap a base critical hit chance stat for a critical hit damage stat.

The patch will launch alongside the Underground Expansion on June 28 (or ahead of it for PS4 gamers, who get the expansion more than a month later), and should do well to keep most of the SMGs along the same line in terms of power. This should help the dark zones of The Division become a little more hospital to newcomers, especially with Ubisoft Massive throwing out bans to the cheaters and hackers who arrived in abudance since the game’s launch in March.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Hideo Kojima Explains What Death Stranding Is About


Hideo Kojima took to the stage during Sony’s E3 2016 Presentation to much applause, and the fan-favorite producer finally revealed the first look at his inaugral post-Konami production, Death Stranding. While the initial trailer has been open to plenty of interpretation and speculation, the end result is that the game is poised to about a core part of the human element.

Death Stranding looks as mysterious and philosophical as one expects a Kojima title to be, and the enigmatic developer has already stated that people are unwittingly already playing the game. If anything is classic Kojima, it’s this.

The popular producer had already stated that the trailer wasn’t a dig at Konami in any way, despite actor and Death Stranding cast member Norman Reedus stoked that fire earlier by posting a humorous Anti-Konami photograph. It looks like fans eager to find out more about Kojima’s latest project will have to keep waiting, as Kojima has remained tight lipped about any other aspect of the game itself beyond last week’s trailer.

Death Stranding will release exclusively for PS4, though it currently has no release date.

Nintendo NX Loads Up On Rumors

Nintendo NX Console

Despite some big-name announcements like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and more Pokemon news, Nintendo had a relatively quiet E3 compared to previous years. The Big N had forewarned gamers that the Nintendo NX would quietly skip E3 2016 altogether, so this was to be expected – but in the last week, plenty of news about Nintendo’s mysterious console has sprung up from a variety of sources.

There’s been a longstanding sea of rumors that games for the Nintendo NX would be available in digital form only, but GameStop CEO Paul Raines has now shot down these rumors by confirming the existence of physical media. Shortly after this, well known industry analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that the Nintendo NX will miss its launch window entirely, speculating that if the console we ready to release in less than nine months, Nintendo would have shown it already.

The verdict seems to be out on whether the Nintendo NX will spark a renaissance for Nintendo or simply fail to make a mark, but in any event, everyone seems to be hungry to find out more about the mysterious console itself.

Ed Boon Talks Killer Instinct / Mortal Kombat Crossover

Mortal Kombat Killer Instinct Crossover

Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon teased fans everywhere when he tweeted his thoughts about a potential crossover between Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct, noting that it would certainly need to an Xbox One exclusive if such a game were to be made. Boon’s thoughts on the matter have triggered a flurry among fans, many of which are excited about the idea, while others don’t want a console-exclusive title to be considered. It’s worth noting that such a game would also likely release for Windows 10, which would give Boon a chance to improve his track record with PC titles.

Boon’s interest in the franchise could also spurn creativity on a smaller scale, though, which could play into the fact that Killer Instinct seems to be Microsoft’s version of Super Smash Bros when it comes to including characters from other franchises. It’s entirely possible that roster members from Mortal Kombat could appear in the next season of Killer Instinct, though current non-native members of the latter’s roster have come from other Xbox-exclusive series so far, like Arbiter from Halo or General Raam from Gears of War.

Would you like to see this crossover happen, Ranters?

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