Game Rant Open Discussion: June 10, 2016

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In this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion, we’re discussing Devil May Cry 5, a potential Skyrim remaster, Destiny: Rise of Iron, Allison Road, and more!

As the world awaits with baited breath for E3 2016 and all of the announcements it will bring, the industry as a whole has seemingly sped up in preparation for the biggest week of the year. This week, gamers have been spoiled by leaks left, right, and centre, which has resulted in a newsweek that seems like it tried to rival E3 itself . In this week’s Open Discussion, we’d like to talk about Devil May Cry 5, Skyrim, Destiny, and more!

The Game Rant Open Discussion exists as a forum for our readers can get together and talk about whatever happens to be on their mind, even if that subject doesn’t have anything to do with videogames. That being said, we can only imagine that an interest in videogames is a shared characteristic across all of our readers, so we’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of this week’s hottest stories in order to get the conversation started.

Gamers can take a look at some of those news snippets here, before joining the conversation below the article!

Devil May Cry 5 Outed By Voice Actor

Devil May Cry 5 Outed By Voice Actor Resume - Dante and Nero

Games get leaked all the time from the resumes of developers and actors, and it looks like Devil May Cry 5 may be the latest game to have been catapulted out of the shadows from such an inclusion. A voice actor named Nils Hognestad has listed Devil May 5 cry on his resume, despite the fact that the game hasn’t been officially announced in any capacity. If his resume is to be believed, there’s a good chance gamers will catch a first glimpse of the game during next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Though his resume has since been edited to remove the unannounced title from public eye, he had previously stated that he played the lead role in the title, which is evidently something most voice actors would want to put on a resume. The gaff would indicate that Capcom is picking up where Devil May Cry 4 left off, with the studio seemingly ignoring the reboot from 2013, a title which was  criticized by franchise creator Hideki Kamiya for the change’s to the game’s protagonist.

We’ll keep you posted as more news comes out about the supposed title.

A Skyrim Remaster May Get Announced at E3 2016

Skyrim Definitive Edition

According to Shinobi, a typically accurate industry insider, Bethesda will be announcing a remastered version of Skyrim during E3 this year. His words sparked much excitement among fans, especially considering the fact that Todd Howard had already stated his team ported the game to the Xbox One months ago, though he told fans not to get their hopes up. While many were expecting a backward compatibility announcement, both Shinobi’s statement and a leaked retail listing have indicated that a total remastering of the game will be announced instead.

Bethesda has been extremely happy with how well received modifications have been on the Xbox One, which makes it all the more likely that this supposed Skyrim: Definitive Edition will also support Bethesda’s modification catalog. The company has tested out the waters with Skyrim‘s modification shop before, though we have a feeling bringing Skyrim to consoles with mods included would get a much better reception than their previous modification experiments.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gets A Release Date

destiny rise of iron - logo

The release date for Destiny‘s fall expansion has been officially revealed, days after several leaks sprouted up to suggest September 20 as the intended fall release date, with some Google Ads accidentally revealing part of the expansion’s plot before the initial reveal trailer had a chance to do so. The leaks turned out to be correct on all accounts, and gamers can look forward to Destiny: Rise of Iron arriving this September 20, 2016.

The Rise of Iron expansion will only release for the current console generation, so players on Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles won’t be able to access any of the content. In fact, the character progression system will change entirely ahead of the expansion’s release, so those looking to enjoy new Destiny content will need to ensure they’re sporting a new console to do so – and for what its worth, the PS4 will receive exclusive Rise of Iron content.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will release on September 20th.

Allison Road Is Cancelled

Allison Road Has Been Cancelled - Disfigured ghost face

The spiritual successor to both P.T. and Silent Hills has met the same fame of the latter, and has officially been cancelled before it had a chance to finished. The announcement came straight from Lillith Ltd. on Twitter, though the reasoning behind the cancellation has yet to be revealed.

It probably wasn’t a good omen that Allison Road was due to fail its Kickstarter campaign back when it was initially pitched, with the title being saved by Team17, who promptly took over its publishing rights. The company evidently saw plenty of potential in the Allison Road, though news about the game stopped coming once the title became Team17 property. Evidently, things have gone downhill since, with the game’s official Twitter page stating that an official statement about the cancellation would be coming soon.

Destroy All Humans! Could Return

Destroy All Humans! Could Make A Comeback - Crypto

Young gamers could be forgiven for not immediately recalling what exactly Destroy All Humans! was, seeing as the latest game introduced to the franchise came out over ten years ago. For the unaware, the series started off with a quirky cult-hit title, and was followed by a moderately successful sequel, until two lackluster productions pushed the series away from the limelight. Now, publisher Nordic Games is polling fans to see if there’s an interest in a Destroy All Humans! revival, and the result so far is resounding yes.

The publishing company acquired the rights to the series following its acquisition of a bankrupted THQ, and has wasted no time in remastering other old THQ properties like Darksiders II. Now that the public development director for Nordic Games is polling fans in regards to the series, it looks like Destroy All Humans! will likely see a remaster of its own, based on overwhelming torrents of positive fan reaction.

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It may not quite be E3 yet, but this week has seen a flurry of leaks and high caliber announcements that are usually reserved for the exposition itself. From Ubisoft revealing the world premiere trailer of Watch Dogs 2 shortly after it leaked early to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment showing off Injustice 2 for the first time ever, gamers have collectively been spoiled ahead of the world’s biggest gaming news week.

Suffice to say, there’s a veritable pile of news left to talk about, which is kind of why this post exists! We invite our readers to take a gander at the comments section below, where everyone is free to chat about whatever happens to be on their mind, even if it doesn’t pertain to this week’s massive influx of gaming news. As always, we ask our readers to please refrain from discussing any inappropriate topics or posting any inappropriate photos.

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