Game Rant Open Discussion: July 22, 2016

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In this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion, we’re discussing Pokemon GO, Star Wars, the Xbox One S, Dead Rising, and more!

It’s been another week chock-full of Pokemon GO-related accidents and the power of nostalgia, which should come to the surprise of none. As the week winds down to a close, we like to sit back and reflect on the happenings of the week – and that means it’s officially time for this week’s iteration of the Game Rant Open Discussion!

For those who may not have heard of it (no take-backsies!), the Game Rant Open Discussion is a weekly thread that allows Game Rant readers to discuss whatever happens to be on their mind, even if that particular subject isn’t related to the video game industry at all. Each and every week, we compile a few talking points from the past seven days so that gamers can easily catch up on some of the stories they might have initially missed out on. In the comments section below is the full Open Discussion, and we heartily invite our readers to join in on it!

This week, we’re talking about Pokemon GO, Star Wars, Red Dead 2, and more!

More Details On The New Star Wars Game Surface

star wars visceral concept art
It may still be a few years away, but Visceral Games’ take on the Star Wars franchise is hard not to be excited about. During Star Wars Celebration 2016, creative director Amy Hennig dropped new snippets of information about the groundbreaking title. Not only will Visceral’s Star Wars production feature an ensemble cast with plenty of new characters, but players will get to explore new locations, see new creatures, and use new technology that will blend itself in to the existing Star Wars lore.

Hennig also stated that the game won’t be a “lone wolf” type of experience: gamers will be supported by the aforementioned ensemble cast even during combat, who will all be making logical decisions in parallel with the player. It looks like players hoping for more information (or those being very optimistic about video footage) will have to wait until next year for more news, as Hennig admitted that the studio is putting fans in the dark for a while – but only because it plans to “really blow everything out and show you guys stuff next year.”

The Star Wars game by Visceral Games isn’t expected to release for several years.

The Xbox One S Arrives This Summer

Xbox One S Release Date
Gamers wondering when the Xbox One S will arrive now know that the tidy version of the original console will release within 2 weeks for most regions, in the form of a limited edition launch version of the console. The limited edition exclusive sports an impressive 2 TB hard drive and a retail price of $399 USD ($499.99 CAD). The Xbox One S only takes up 40% of the space that the standard Xbox One does, but boasts hardware to match. In fact, the Xbox One S is the only console so far that can produce 4K visuals for the time being.

Microsoft will also be releasing the standard 1 TB and 500 GB versions of the Xbox One S sometime after the launch edition has its time to shine, which will ring in at the previously reported prices of $349 US and $299 USD respectively. Those waiting to hear about about the mysterious Project Scorpio will have to keep waiting, as Microsoft is hoping gamers will focus on buying the Xbox One S for the time being.

The Xbox One S is slated to arrive this August 2, 2016.

Dead Rising Coming to Current Gen Consoles, PC

Dead Rising 1, 2, and Off the Record Getting Remasters - Dead Rising 2 Chuck
An earlier leak suggested that Dead Rising was coming to the PS4 in the former of a remaster, but few would have suspected that Capcom had more up its sleeve. The Japanese video game company surprised the world this week by announcing that a remastering of Dead Rising was not only coming to PS4, but would arrive for PC and Xbox One as well. As if this wasn’t enough, it looks like remastered versions of Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record will arrive for PS4 and Xbox One too, though the PC platform won’t receive the remastered version of the sequel.

Gamers hoping that this means Dead Rising 4 will launch for PS4 can certainly be hopeful that this will be an eventuality, which is likely why Microsoft recently declared that Dead Rising 4 is a timed exclusive for Xbox One and Windows 10. Once this period of exclusivity ends, it’s likely that PS4 gamers will be able to experience the current generation return of Frank West in the upcoming title.

Dead Rising is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, while Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record are both coming for Xbox One and PS4.

Read Dead 2 Poised for Gamescom Reveal?

Now that Take Two has confirmed that it will be in attendance at Gamescom this August, fans are taking that as a sign that the publisher is preparing to drop long-awaited news regarding the ever-questioned production of a spiritual successor to Red Dead Redemption. Now that the beloved Western game is available via backward compatibility on the Xbox One, sales of the digital title have risen over 6,000%, representing a very healthy interest from fans hungry for more raspy-voiced cowboys.

It’s entirely possible that Take Two is setting up shop at Gamescom to display titles like Mafia III or the official BioShock Collection, but we can’t help but hope that there’s a small chance that Red Dead 2 can make an appearance. Red Dead Redemption was a drastic evolution from the original Red Dead Revolver, so it’s clear that Rockstar Games is capable of shifting gears when it comes to spiritual successors – which only makes us more excited about what is possible for the third official Red Dead title.

Is the Late Game Too Slow for Pokemon GO?

pokemon go invasion of privacy stone snowden
Pokemon GO
-mania has captured the entire world, and now parks and outdoor hotspots are full of trainers looking at their phones and giving each other knowing head-nods as they pass by looking for that rare Kabutops. Now that enough time has passed for gamers to collect every Pokemon available in their region, the question of “What Next?” will become ever more prevalent over the next week or two – especially since grinding levels later on becomes neigh-impossible for those who make it to the top.

Niantic already confirmed that the series staple trading system would eventually find its way to Pokemon GO, which is a feature some will hope comes sooner rather than later. If a player has collected all of the Pokemon in their region (a feat made even harder by the current tracker bug), all that is left to do is repeatedly hold on to gyms – a task that can be a ceaseless and tiresome struggle in urban areas.

Earlier today, we posted that Pokemon GO needs new features before it burns out, and we’re curious to see what gamers think about our suggested features.

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Detective Pikachu Will Be the First Live Action Pokemon Film - Detective Pikachu 3DS gameplay
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