Game Rant Open Discussion: February 19th

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In this week’s open discussion, we’re discussing new Fallout 4 content, Street Fighter 5, Star Wars, and the news of several far-off titles from multiple studios!

Welcome back to the weekly Game Rant Open Discussion! Every Friday, we like to round up some of the week’s larger stories for review, and encourage our readers to discuss whatever is on their mind in the comment section below.

This week, we’re talking about multiple Bethesda Game Studios news items, Hideo Kojima’s upcoming title, Street Fighter 5, and more!

Bethesda Is Cooking Up Three ‘Big and Crazy’ Projects

Bethesda new game ideas

Bethesda Games Studios’ own Todd Howard has revealed that the studio is simultaneously working on no less than three new ‘big and crazy’ projects. He called them longer-term projects, and it looks like fans won’t be hearing much about them until the games are much further along in the development process.

While Howard states that the games feel very different than Bethesda’s mainstay franchises like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, he did say they are still Bethesda-style games – which makes one wonder if the Creation Engine is due to see a new RPG (or three) in the coming years.

The news came from Howard’s speech at DICE 2016, where he also teased that there was still a big secret in Fallout 4 that nobody has found yet.

Fallout 4 Is Getting Three DLC Packs

Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop Official

Even without Todd Howard’s aforementioned speech, Bethesda Game Studios was destined to make some pretty large waves this week. The studio released details about the three upcoming DLC packs that are slated for release later this year, which will come to all platforms at the same time.

The first expansion is due in March, and will feature a new antagonist who unleashes a robot army upon the Commonwealth. Players will get the option to create their own robot, and outfit it with over a hundred different modifications. A second expansion will follow suit in April, which will allow players to trap some of the animals they encounter in the wasteland, and enter them in Pokemon-style fighting tournaments. The best was evidently saved the best for last, however, as May’s DLC is slated to add an entirely new area to the game. Bethesda states it’s the largest add-on they’ve ever created.

Kojima May Be Making A New Game With The Star Of Silent Hills

kojima reedus

Now that legendary game producer Hideo Kojima is free of the shackles that bound him to Konami, the Japanese designer is evidently looking forward to greener pastures. He’s wasted little time getting organized in his post-Konami days, and recently tweeted a photo of himself and the main protagonist of Silent Hills, Norman Reedus. The tweet revealed that Kojima was giving Reedus an update on his new studio, leading to speculation that Norman will become involved in the project. Today, it was also revealed that Kojima is interested in working with award-winning filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro as well.

Reedus had previously stated that he and Kojima had come up with many ideas for potential videogames, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they had discussed some of them over lunch. Not much is known about Kojima’s new title, aside of the fact that it will be a PlayStation exclusive. In any event, the potential collaboration between a successful film star and a successful game developer is always something to get excited about!

Lupe Fiasco Beat Daigo In A Street Fighter 5 Match

Daigo Fiasco

Rapper Lupe Fiasco recently took on legendary Street Fighter player Daigo in a live-streamed match, and his eventual victory prompted much surprise from fighting fans and casual observers. The two were playing Street Fighter 5 at its launch event, and Fiasco came out of the showdown a narrow 3-2 winner. This prompted many online observers to question if the event was staged, but in any case, it certainly caught the attention of many fans.

Lupe Fiasco has actually been a fan of Daigo for some time, and tweeted last month that ‘it would be an honor to lose to Daigo-San’. While Fiasco ended up the clear winner, we’ve written up a quick guide for other players who would like to bring a challenge to Daigo some day. For those thinking that’s easier that we make it seem, it may be good to remember that Daigo’s nickname is “The God of 2D Fighters”.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Is Getting A Fan-Made Remake

star wars knights of the old republic remake apeiron

Fans of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will be excited to hear about an ambitious modification that is aiming to recreate the entire game on the Unreal Engine 4. The mod is called Apeiron, and the ambitious project aims to inject new content alongside the graphical improvements: new worlds, missions, items, companions, and more are expected to be included in the finished product. The crew behind the mod list Black Mesa as an inspiration, which was a similarly-ambitious remake of Half-Life.

To avoid any legal issues, the team behind Apeiron will be making the game free, and aren’t currently accepting any donations. Disney has been very stringent about fan-made modifications to their titles, though only time will tell if The Big D will shut down the project before it comes to fruition.

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