Game Rant Open Discussion: February 12th

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In this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion, we take a look at Destiny 2, Titanfall 2, The Division, and some potential franchise revivals! Come join in the discussion!

It’s time once again for the Game Rant Open Discussion, and there’s certainly no shortage of things to talk about! For those new to the fold, here is where we invite our readers to converse about the happenings of the week. We’ll start things off with five of the big-ticket items from the last few days, and readers are encouraged to introduce their own topics below.

This week has seen plenty of new gaming release date announcements for sequels, with games  like Watch Dogs 2, Titanfall 2, and even Destiny 2 all getting a specific years of release confirmed. There’s plenty happening in the gaming industry, and readers interested in joining in on the discussion can click the comments tab below the article to join the discussion!

Without further ado, here’s this week’s recap:

Sony Is Teasing About Crash Bandicoot

Sony Crash Bandicoot teaser

Seemingly out of nowhere, the PlayStation Middle East channel decided to show off a wanted poster for Crash Bandicoot. There have been rumors afoot of a potential reboot ever since a source with ties to Naughty Dog stated that a CB game was definitely in production, and it’s not like the graphic used by the PlayStation Twitter account was an old one – the company had evidently made new artwork, which would indicate something new is cooking up.

Conversely, the timing seems to coincide with the fact that Sony has recently pushed out its PS2 to PS4 emulation technology, leaving many to think that a re-release is on the cards. After the Tweet, Sony was bombarded with questions on all fronts, but has remained quiet on any potential titles. In any event, many expect a new CB title to crash the party sooner rather than later, whether it’s a re-release or not.

Destiny 2 Will Drop in 2017

Destiny 2 in 207 - Go get 'em, Guardian.

With more updates planned for 2016, Destiny fans have found no shortage of content ever since the game’s supporting DLC started to release. The sequel to the hit title was originally slated to release in September of this year, but Activision recently confirmed to its stockholders (and therefore, to us) that Destiny 2 is now slated for a 2017 release. The news may be disappointing to some, but it’s typically best for a developer to push a title back in order to give it the necessary polish and pomp.

On the flip side, the news that Destiny fans will get another major downloadable content release should keep many fans happy, especially when taking into consideration how good DLC like the Taken King has been. There’s currently no set release date for the upcoming major DLC release, but we’ll keep you posted when this news comes out. In the meantime, we’ve got the scoop on Xur for this upcoming weekend.

Titanfall 2 Will Bring Single Player To The Franchise

Titanfall 2 Single Player Campaign Confirmed, TV Series in Development - Titanfall concept art

Titanfall introduced a new IP to a then-new console, and sold over 10 million units in doing so. The mix of mech-based fighting and parkour maneuvers won over plenty of fans with its intense multiplayer combat, but the lack of a real single player campaign left many feeling distant from the game’s storyline.

Now that the sequel is approaching, Respawn Entertainment’s lead writer has confirmed that not only will Titanfall 2 get its own TV show, but a proper single player campaign will be included as well. As if releasing in both the game and film industries wasn’t enough for one year, the studio is also poised to release a set of figurines in conjunction with MacFarlane Toys.

The Division Gets That Open Beta

The Division Cleaners Furnace

Ever since the closed beta brought gamers pouring in to The Division, many have more-or-less expected Ubisoft to follow through with an open beta. The studio did little to stoke the flames of those thoughts, and the official confirmation came earlier this week – it looks like New York City is set for another busy weekend.

The open beta is slated to run from February 18th to February 21st for Xbox One gamers, and February 19th to February 21st for PC and PS4 users. With The Division due to drop on March 8th, it looks like Ubisoft wants to ensure all the kinks are worked out ahead of when the game goes gold.

Onimusha Might Get A Reboot


The classic Capcom action-adventure series Onimusha hasn’t seen a major console release since 2006, but it looks like a change may be in the wind. Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono recently discussed a potential revival the series with coworkers, and while he made it clear that any potential work would be far off while he focuses on Street Fighter 5, he sounded very positive about the idea:

I’ve spoken internally with people who made Onimusha with me originally and talked about maybe how interesting it would be to revisit that series. […] All I can do for now is reassure fans that conversations are happening at high levels.

The series focuses on historical figures from Japanese history, and adds plenty of supernatural elements into the fold. We’ll keep you posted if Capcom expands on Yoshinori’s comments any further.

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