Game Rant Open Discussion: August 12, 2016

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In this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion, we’re discussing No Man’s Sky, Pokemon GO, The Elder Scrolls, and more! Come on in and join the conversation!

As the second week of August winds to a close, it’s time for the next iteration of the Game Rant Open Discussion!

For those who don’t know, the Game Rant Open Discussion is a place where gamers can discuss whatever happens to be on their mind with other Game Rant readers. While video games are obviously the centerpiece of the Venn diagram that ties us all together, our readers are welcome to discuss any topic in the Open Discussion, even if it has nothing to do with video games. To join the conversation, simply scroll to the comments section below this article and say hi!

To kick off the weekly discussion, we like to round up some of the biggest news from the last seven days so that readers can quickly catch up on some of the things they have missed. This week, we’re talking about No Man’s Sky, Pokemon GO, The Elder Scrolls, and more!

Let’s get things started:

No Man’s Sky Is Finally Here

no mans sky bug fix
After a development cycle that faced repeated delays and even a multi-year legal struggle simply for the name of the game itself, Hello Games has finally released No Man’s Sky into the eager arms of gamers around the world. Studio founder Sean Murray admitted he was “totally okay” if fans didn’t like the game, a bold statement which reflects on his previous comments that No Man’s Sky would be very divisive when it came to who ends up enjoying the unique title.

Of course, it’s clear that many gamers have enjoyed exploring the gigantic galaxy that Sean Murray and co have created as they attempt to find their way to the center of the galaxy itself. While the multiplayer aspect may not be what some had expected, others have been deeply drawn to exploring the unique worlds and discovering the procedurally generated creatures that roam them. For those players, we’ve compiled a few guides on where to find iridium, how to get antimatter, and how to use Atlas Stones.

Besthesda Would Only Do An Elder Scrolls Movie With Peter Jackson

peter jackson elder scrolls
Now that it’s becoming more and more common for popular video game franchises to branch out into the film industry, the time finally came for Bethesda to comment on the possibility of the Elder Scrolls franchise making its big screen debut. Bethesda’s own Pete Hines, the Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing, recently confirmed that Bethesda would only commit to making an Elder Scrolls movie if critically acclaimed director Peter Jackson was attached to the flick.

With other franchises like Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed jumping over to the cinema screen, it would seem like the historical lands of The Elder Scrolls would be a great fit – and who better to helm the potential film than Peter Jackson, the man behind the mystical Lord Of The Rings? It’s also worth noting that Jerry Bruckheimer is on the board of directors for Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax, which means Bethesda would likely have plenty of resources at its disposal should an Elder Scrolls movie ever get the green light.

Fans Created A Full Pokemon Game From The Ground Up

fan makes pokemon uranium fan game nuclear type
It’s taken an astounding nine years to get this far, but a dedicated team of Pokemon fans have officially completed an entirely fan-made Pokemon title. With graphics that look like they came straight out of a Nintendo DS, the fan-created Pokemon Uranium game is now available for download. The game features 150 new Pokemon based around a new Nuclear type, which certainly explains the name of the game. Some classic Pokemon like Gyarados and Primeape also make a return, though the game chooses to focus on the new Pokemon almost entirely.

Of course, Nintendo isn’t exactly a company known for letting people create their own fan-made content that encroaches on the Pokemon license. While the Big N hasn’t officially come in and shut Pokemon Uranium down, many fans believe that the company will be more inclined to do so now that the game has been completed. Of course, Nintendo had nine years to communicate with the creators of Pokemon Uranium before it was completed, so only time will tell if the creators of Pokemon Uranium will be allowed to keep the downloads coming for their impressive work of fandom.

Pokemon GO Is Getting A Better Tracking Tool

After the infamous Pokemon GO update that removed the tracker system entirely, one fan took it upon himself to design an improved tracking system concept to show how Niantic could improve the experience. Shortly after this, Niantic revealed that an improved tracker tool was currently under beta testing. The new system will use nearby PokeStops as general location markers to show “sighted” Pokemon, while a more familiar “nearby” section of the tracker shows Pokemon who have randomly spawned outside of PokeStop territory. Interested gamers can take an in-depth look at the new Pokemon GO tracker here.

In the meantime, Pokemon GO seems to have entered into strange territory in terms of current events. Players in South Florida have been stalked by a horrifying clown while out and about catching Pokemon, and the entire application has been banned from Iran. Niantic will be working overtime to make sure the smash hit application continues to dominate for as long as it can, especially considering it made a cool $200,000,000 after just over a month of being released.

Telltale Games Might Be Working On A Mr. Robot Game

mr robot telltale games
One of USA Network’s biggest hit shows, Mr. Robot, may just be getting the video game treatment sooner rather than later. Telltale Games has begun posting on social media about the upcoming e-corp message application, which is based off of the fictional megacorp from Mr. Robot itself. Since we can expect that Telltale wouldn’t tie itself in with a television show unless it had a gaming-related reason to do so, many have speculated that Mr. Robot may just be getting the episodic Telltale Games experience.

This wouldn’t be the first time Telltale has developed a game for a hit television show, as the studio has pushed out well-received seasons for both The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones before. Fans seem positive about the chance of a Mr. Robot season, as the tech-based hit show seems like it would lend itself well to the kind of morality-based narrative scripting that Telltale Games has become so famous for.

We will keep you posted if more news about the potential Mr. Robot game comes to light.

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